The Non-Security of Retirement and One Idea

Active eldersUnfortunately, we are seeing many people of retirement age wind up in strictly limited living circumstances. While active and socially involved, they live, in any cases, with limitations that can be difficult. Today MSN online offers a simple solution to the person with $12,000 retirement income or less. The article over simplfies a difficult topic but leads in the right direction: social sharing in the home. [Social Sharing is also term used extensively in the new internet world of social networking sites.]

I’m living on land in a truly beautiful area of Tucson, Arizona, having relocated from The OC, that the owner is sharing with me and one other person. Unlike the article, all three of us do not share a house. Yet the same Social Sharing concepts apply in a simplified fashion. The owner, a very active female artist, has lowered her fixed cost of living by nearly 50%.

Our population is aging and in many areas of the country even full Social Security and private retirement plans, if the person is lucky enough to have one, aren’t enough to securely afford the cost of living.

Our aging population is one of the most serious issues facing Washington. Think of the connected issues: early education about savings, medical care from a young age so we don’t face all the problems of avoidable medical illness in later years, caring for those who have become ill who are without the means to receive the best of medical treatment, the simple cost of medications, the difficult work of combating mental-emotional illness combined with it’s difficult treatment and then, lastly but most painfully, dental care.

Preventative preparation, (education), to create good physical heath, with full access to the health care system from birth, and financial security health will impact the nation one or two generations down the line. It takes time to change the way the brain is engineered to create certain behavior. It takes time for the behavioral change to show up in society as an accepted norm.

Yet we have serious issues today that won’t wait for one or two generations. We have to find solutions that meet our national mandate to protect and empower our population.

Social Sharing is just one answer. If you want proof of it’s need simply get on Craigslist, in any city, and see how many homeowners are seeking roommates or simply renting a room. You will be surprised. While the article points to one solution a variant of that solution is currently be played out every day.

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