What Clinton Won By Losing

From Political Wire:

John Heilemann: “What strikes me as inarguable is that Hillary is today a more resonant, consequential, and potent figure than she has ever been before. No longer merely a political persona, she has been elevated to a rarefied plane in our cultural consciousness. With her back against the wall, she both found her groove and let loose her raging id, turning herself into a character at once awful and wonderful, confounding and inspiring — thus enlarging herself to the point where she became iconic. She is bigger now than any woman in the country. Certainly, she is bigger than her husband. And although in the end she may wind up being dwarfed by Obama, for the moment she is something he is not: fully, poignantly human.”

A great summation and observation in my eyes. …”fully and poignantly human.” What a wonderful description for any person. We would never have seen this without the campaign.

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6 Responses to What Clinton Won By Losing


    At least not if he wants to guarantee his seat in the Oval Office.


  2. Gilbert Martinez says:

    This is the same Hillary Clinton I’ve followed for years. She hasn’t really changed all that much from the beginning of the campaign to the end, IMO. To me, it seems as though this is a media driven story line that is acceptable now that Obama was selected as the nominee.

  3. Gilbert

    I think the process of running for president changes every candidate. Kerry said many times it changed him. When you are out there day after day meeting thousands of people and listening to their woes it does something to you. I am quite certain Hillary Clinton herself would say this has changed her for the better.

  4. Theresa says:

    Through her speeches and her web site Hillary was able to show us who she really is, what she has done, what she is capable of, and what she cares about, in spite of the news media. She certainly must have learned and grown as a result of her campaign experiences, but I disagree with the “raging id” part. I believe Hillary has always been motivated by a deep concern for others from the time she took her first job. Her brilliant, disciplined, knowledgeable, and sincere approach to solving the nation’s problems came through to every open minded person who really paid attention to her.

  5. I recomend everyone who is a Hillary supporter read ‘A Woman in Charge’ by Carl Bernstein. It shows all sides of Hillary Clinton, good and not good, while giving us the background to understand much of what happened in this campaign.

    Gilbert; The woman who started this campaign is different than the woman that finished it. And she’s better off for it. I admire the growth, and willingness to grow, she showed in this campaign under great stress.

  6. Theresa says:

    Carl Bernstein may have something worthwhile to add, but I would read him with a grain of salt. A couple of times on tv he showed a bias toward reading a negative interpretation of Hillary into her actions without giving justification for his judgments. There is definitely a Watergate virus infecting many in the news media. They are far too quick to interpret people in terms of power plays and they are anxious to put down an established person who seems to have power.