Iowans: We Are The Lucky One’s

Newsweek’s first sentence: “Whether they’ve lost homes or businesses, many Iowans still feel blessed because they survived–and have good neighbors.” It is the beginning of personal tales of survival and helping other to survive.

This story of disaster, survival, hard work and preparation and we won’t know true extent of it all for weeks. Americorps has been in the forefront of much of the preparation for the disasters that have happened and they are working to hold the onslaught of the waters yet to come downstream.

In Clarksville, Missouri, preparing for the onslaught of the water headed in their direction, “I think they are awesome,” said Clarksville Alderman Mike Russell, also the town’s emergency services manager. “I can literally tell you that if it was not for them running the City Hall end, we would be much worse off.” If parts of the town successfully fend off the record floodwaters expected by the weekend, it will be largely because of Rooney, Henning and their colleagues, he added.[my emphasis]

It’s an awesome story of survival for the people of the Mid-West. We who are not there can only send our thoughts, prayers and donation to the Red Cross and other agencies.

For a round up from around the state of Iowa check the Des Moines Register.

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One Response to Iowans: We Are The Lucky One’s

  1. john stone says:

    I am from North Iowa and we had a terrible mess from June 8 thru June 12th. We had over 25 to 30 homes lost and a lot of damage. Our water facility was flooded and we had no water at all for four days. We were lucky enough to have power working all the time. We got off a lot easier than Central or Eastern Iowa, their flooding was much worse and they are still dealing with it. Also in the last three weeks we have had two very bad tornados with 7 people killed in one and 4 in another. I can only imagine the suffering of the people in Hurricane Katrina.