Former Hillary Clinton Supporter AFSCME Endorses Obama

In a reversal from it’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the largest part of the AFL-CIO, will endorse and support Barack Obama.

“Barack Obama has mobilized a historic movement to reclaim the greatness of America,” Gerald McEntee, AFSCM President, said. “With his leadership, our nation will rise up to rebuild the middle class at home and restore America’s reputation in the world. <> “We’ve had an opportunity … to sort out our differences to move ahead,” he said. “We have changed positions [on Obama]. He’s more sure-footed. We fought like hell for Hillary, no question about that, and at times it was tough on the campaign trail, but now we’re prepared and ready” to back Obama.

This action, broken on WaPo’s The Trail election blog, has enormous impact bringing millions of union members and their resources formally to the Barack Obama movement. The healing of the Democratic Party and strengthening of the Obama campaign against the attack machine of John McCain and it’s surrounding organizations is in full swing.

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6 Responses to Former Hillary Clinton Supporter AFSCME Endorses Obama

  1. weltec2 says:

    Sadly, McEntee is just wrong. As Barack said on CBS, “Look, I’m a pro-growth, free-market guy.” And with Wal-Mart defender Jason Furman heading his economic policy team, privatization is going to be the rule and deregulation is going to lead the way. As I noted over on MyDD though, Austan Goolsbee is Barack’s chief economic adviser and should guide him a little more toward center… a little more. Goolsbee is still Chicago School which means that its going to be a tough next four years for the blue-collar worker and the small-business man is going to be scrambling for the droppings or be eaten.

  2. Sorry I can’t agree.

  3. weltec2 says:

    Why? Any particular reason? Furman was a disciple of Robert Rubin. Google him and then let me know what you think.

  4. The quote is out of context and was given some time ago. The teacher of the teacher has no bearing on the eventual student. Not every student parrots his/her teachers.

    Barack Obama is our nominee. I suggest we get behind him and forestall a disastrous outcome if McCain wins. With all of McCain’s screw-up and lousy policy I do not take this election for granted.

    As for Obama’s stance on economic issues look to his website not an comment made months ago.

  5. weltec2 says:

    The quote was made just three days after Hillary Clinton pulled out of the race. That is not “some time ago.” I agree with you however that Barack is our nominee. I do not want another four years of McSame. It’s just that Barack’s appointment of Jason Furman concerns me. Furman was appointed head of the Brookings Institute’s Hamilton Project, the think tank that Rubin helped put together to reform rather than abandon NAFTA. Also, Furman has a reputation for being very strong on deregulation. When you put that together with Goolsbee meeting with Canadian officials last February to calm their fears about Obama’s anti-NAFTA campaign comments, we begin to see a pattern that I find worrying. I think the thing to do as a body is to encourage Obama to seek the advice of more liberal economists. We are Democrats. We stand for certain things as a party and our leaders need to understand that if they wish to go on calling themselves Democrats they must act like Democrats. They cannot just speak in vague feel-good generalities and then go off and do whatever they want.

  6. weltec2 says:

    My apologies. It was CNBC not CBS. The interview was on June 11th. The link with the transcript is right here.