Obama Opts Out Of Public Financing

His own words:

Reactions from First Thoughts at MSNBC:

[…] This move has been widely speculated, but it’s a reversal from comments he made earlier in the campaign season that he would he accept general funds — which gives the candidates about $85 million to spend after the conventions. Assuming each of Obama’s 1.5 million-plus contributors gives him $100, that comes to $150 million (more)

From the McCain Campaign via CNN:

Sen. John McCain on Thursday accused Sen. Barack Obama of breaking a promise when the Democrat decided to forgo public financing in this fall’s campaign. […] McCain said that Obama’s move to drop out of the system “should be disturbing to all Americans” and that he may decide to opt out, too.

“Sen. Obama’s reversal on public financing is one of a number of reversals … that he has taken,” McCain said while touring flood-damaged parts of Iowa. (more)

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5 Responses to Obama Opts Out Of Public Financing

  1. Andy Witmyer says:

    McCain should be careful when accusing Obama of changing positions. The man has proven to be quite the flip-flopper. Secondly – and allow me to add this most emphatically – I’m RELIEVED that Obama opted out of “public funding”. In essence, by refusing to take lobbyist money, Obama is being financed by the public anyway.

    McCain is in a bit of a fix. If he opts out, he would be forced to fund raise endlessly – something he’s not very good at. If he decides to take public funding, then he’s almost certainly going to be at a MAJOR financial disadvantage to Obama.

    I’m loving it.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    My theory for some time has been that BUSHCO intentionally created the vacuum on the right that McCain is filling. Getting a Democrat in office is, from their prespective, the necessary one step back after the wildly successful (again from their perspective) eight years of GWB. We will know if this theory is true by watching to see if a tidal wave of dollars generated by the most formidible fund raising machine in history washes over the McCain campaign.

  3. Andy

    Read this: Politico’s guide to Obama’s opt-out. Make sure you watch the videos. If he hadn’t beeb such a strong advoccate of it, he would look like flip flopper now, regardless of all the reasons why he probably made the right choice.

  4. Andy

    Updating with one more link — JK makes a strong case why Obama did make the right choice: John Kerry: Obama’s Public Financing Decision Will Enable Him To Avoid My Fate.

  5. Andy Witmyer says:


    Kerry brings up a great point. He, perhaps more than anyone else, knows why this was the right thing to do. Obama flipflopped, yes – but I don’t think that this will haunt him in November. Quite the opposite.