MoveOn To Close Its 527 In Response To Obama’s Candidacy

MoveOn announced today that they would walk the Obama walk when it comes to fundraising for the presidential election: MoveOn, the advocacy group supporting Barack Obama, has decided to permanently shutter its 527 operation, partly in response to the Illinois Senator’s insistence that such groups should not spend on his behalf during the … Continue reading

World Refugee Day- Give Refugees a Hand

Cross-posted from The Global Sociology Blog. As a follow-up on my previous post on refugees, this video is part of the campaign to raise awareness and activism for refugees, worldwide. Also, please see Charles Lemos’s great series of posts and photos on refugees at his blog, By The Fault.

Quote of the Day

“It’s wedge politics at its worst, and we have to reject it loudly, clearly and unequivocally… Let’s call those rumors what they are: lies.”– New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, quoted by the New York Times, denouncing the “whisper campaign” in the Jewish community linking Sen. Barack Obama to Islam. … Continue reading