Obama Cave’s on FISA: It’s a Downer and Other Campaign Stuff

I’m with Paul Krugman, Greg, dday, and Atrios — Obama’s cave in on FISA is “a downer.” It’s not a good sign for things to come from an Obama administration, quite frankly and anyone making excuses for him doing this, shouldn’t be. Thankfully most liberal bloggers are calling it as they see it:

Wanker of the Day

Barack Obama.

It’s been a day and half for Obama… He cave’s on FISA and he unveils a totally lame logo/campaign seal all on the same day. Jeez… The thing reeks of “Dude get over yourself.” Sorry… Even staunch Obama supporters are asking WTF?

He have his bounce after all, but he might wanna consider how he’s coming off to supporters because out of touch is coming to my mind once again.  

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5 Responses to Obama Cave’s on FISA: It’s a Downer and Other Campaign Stuff

  1. Obama’s previous symbol had great graphic elements.

    This is just dumber than a sack of rocks. It’s an open invitation of again ignite the discussion about an Obama sense of ‘entitlement’. I thought he had put that to bed. Not now.


  2. Darrell Prows says:

    The Seal? Whatever!

    FISA smacks of the inexcusable. I might feel a bit better if I could see the quid pro quo but I’m sure not liking the way it smells right now.

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Violations of the privacy act ? Or efforts of protection and where do we draw the line ? How do they view a senator’s passport ?

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