Brokaw to Anchor ‘Meet The Press’ Through Election Season

The passing of Tim Russert has left a great void in the Sunday morning news shows. NBC announced today that Tom Brokaw will anchor ‘Meet The Press’ through the general election season. Brokaw will begin hosting the show on June 29. He was the host for the Sunday immediately following Russert’s sudden death from a heart attack on June 13. Steve Capus, NBC News President, said the show “will continue to be produced in Washington.”

To have someone of Tom’s stature step up and dedicate himself to ensuring its ongoing success is not only a testament to his loyalty to Tim, but his enduring commitment to NBC News and our viewers,” Capus said. […]

Brokaw said he feels right at home on “Meet the Press.”

“Tim made `Meet the Press’ the center of the universe for informative and lively discussions of public affairs, particularly the exciting 2008 campaign for president, and I intend to continue that commitment to our viewers,” he said.

Politico notes:

Brokaw shares Russert’s heartland appeal and has even greater journalistic chops, making him a dignified, risk-free choice until NBC executives decide the program’s future direction. Brokaw has stayed in close touch with his Washington contacts over the years.

Now an NBC News special correspondent, he stepped down Dec. 1, 2004, after 21 years as the anchor and managing editor of “NBC Nightly News.” His biography says he has interviewed every president since Lyndon Baines Johnson and has covered every presidential election since 1968. He was NBC’s White House correspondent during Watergate, from 1973-1976. From 1984 to 2004, he anchored all of NBC’s political coverage, including primaries, national conventions and election nights, and moderated nine primary or general election debates.

Brokaw has written five bestsellers, starting with his 1998 book on World War II veterans, “The Greatest Generation.” That inspired a mountain of mail that he adapted to “The Greatest Generation Speaks.” “An Album of Memories,” was published in 2001, followed the next year by “A Long Way from Home,” and then “BOOM! Voices of the Sixties.”

Brokaw, a native of Webster, S.D., began his TV news career in 1962 in Omaha and moved to Atlanta, then KNBC in Los Angeles. He joined NBC News in 1966 was the “Today” show anchor from 1976 to 1981.

Brian Williams, “the anchor of “NBC Nightly News,” moderated the program” today. And so the show goes on… Brokaw is a safe and smart choice on NBC’s part.

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2 Responses to Brokaw to Anchor ‘Meet The Press’ Through Election Season

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    The rainbow shown in his passing as they played ,”Somewhere Over the Rainbow ” was beautiful . Brokaw will do a great job !

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    I went with Stephanopolous today and saw how crazy desperate the right is this time. At one point the female Senator from Big Oil actually faluted Rep. Markey for claiming that the reason why there have been no new nuclear power plants for so long is because Wall Street has not been willing to invest in them. Her response was that it’s not the responsibility of Wall Street to put the money up for nuclear power but rather the responsibility of “main street”. In other words the BUSBCO family of politicians wants the federal government to start picking winners in the market place (except if we want to pick any of the remewable energy options) and basically wants to federalize electricty production.

    If the right will only continue to keep acting so bizarely in public they should be able to alienate not only the left and the middle, but even their own core.