George Carlin – RIP

This really makes me sad. I am a huge fan of George Carlin. I will miss his curmudgeonly attitude, his lack of patience for religious stupidity and wonderful use of all the subtleties and absurdities of the English language to unveil our social ills.

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2 Responses to George Carlin – RIP

  1. coldH2Owi says:

    I’ll miss him as well. He always made me laugh. Plus his life was one great model for anyone – New York, quits school in the 9th grade, Air Force (court marshaled three times), & then his comedy. Skippy mentioned this, it seems I’m at a time when when I’m saying a lot more goodbyes than hellos.

  2. I too, think of George Carlin as a very funny and inventive comedian. He always did “push the envelop”. However, I can not applaud that part of his routines which portrayed his absolute contempt for organized religion. As a Christian, I fully support anyone’s right to be either an atheist or agnostic. We are all entitled to believe or not believe.
    Unfortunately, George Carlin was unable to respect any who were not in lockstep religious agreement with him. No, Frenchdoc, his was not a, “lack of patience for religious stupidity”. It was a total intolerance and contempt for anyone who was a believer. His intolerance had more to do with his core value of religious bigotry. His airing of this bigotry did little to improve his act or to enhance his legacy as a comedian!! Buzz