Bad Seal

Remember that silly campaign “seal” that the Obama campaign unveiled late last week? Just about everyone seemed to the think the “seal” was a bad idea, from staunch Obama supporters in the blogopshere, to the media, it was mocked and ridiculed. The good news is, it didn’t take team Obama … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Fulfills Promise, Speaks at High School Graduation

Four years ago, Hillary Clinton made a promise to Aleatha Williams, that she would speak at her high graduation. Yesterday, she fulfilled that promise. Aleatha Williams, is the daughter of a Clinton supporter and she volunteered for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. She introduced Senator Hillary Clinton to “fellow graduates from Pelham Preparatory Academy … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

If you thought your world was weird, yesterday, wait until you read today’s Ten Post Round-Up (let’s just say you may get the idea that Hades is about to experience some serious climate change…) 1: He’s ba-aack!… Ted Haggard Back In Colorado Springs— 2: And, so what if he doesn’t … Continue reading