Bad Seal

obamaforamerica190190.jpgRemember that silly campaign “seal” that the Obama campaign unveiled late last week? Just about everyone seemed to the think the “seal” was a bad idea, from staunch Obama supporters in the blogopshere, to the media, it was mocked and ridiculed. The good news is, it didn’t take team Obama too long to figure out that they needed to pull the bad “seal” out of circulation. Marc Ambinder reports he’s been “told that Obama recognizes that it was a silly mistake, that the universal reaction at Wacker and Michigan was, “Boy, was that dumb,” and that they don’t think the seal staging will matter to actual voters.”

Ambinder goes on to note:

Does the press think Obama is arrogant? Yes. Does the seal represent arrogance? Only tangentially, actually. The worry for Obama’s image managers is that it gives the press a pretext to call Obama arrogant, an example for them to add to a list of arrogant moments, and a way to distract them from what Obama is saying. Obama, as I’ve written, is certainly more confident than the average Democratic presidential candidate. He doesn’t particularly care about making nice with his traveling press corps, and he is personally disciplined and self-contained. Just like McCain’s staff is remarkably sensitive to how the press covers their candidate, Obama’s staff is hyperattentive to Obama’s public image. They want him to appear strong and presidential; they want him to appear loyal and patriotic and down-to-earth; they take a broad view of history and try to make sure that Obama falls on the right side of it; they are protective to a fault; unlike McCain, Obama generally does not operate outside his comfort zone, and his political instincts are very cautious and risk-averse. Some Obama aides are enraptured by the idea of an Obama brand that transcends politics; others, including most of those who are actually close to the candidate, are much, much more concerned with the type of hubris that all the talk of an Obama brand actually encourages.

Interestingly AdAge chimed in saying the “seal” gave the impression of “combined elements of Richard Nixon’s White House police uniforms and George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished.”” Yet more reasons why the “seal” was such a bad idea.  

Well thank goodness we won’t have that bad “seal” to kick around any more. It was a lame brain idea.

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9 Responses to Bad Seal

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    How about Obama is for Americans ?

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Obama is for the Nation ? Obama is for America ? How much money did the seal cost and how much to make a few changes to keep it ?

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Unity in America for Obama ?

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Gotta have a come back on that seal ! They’re making a big deal about that ? Clinton for Vice president ! Seal that deal !

  5. Hilary4HRC says:

    Every time I think ………. well maybe I’m not seeing what others see in Barack Obama, maybe I’ll try to be openminded and think about voting for him, after all, Hillary is appearing with him later this week……

    AND THEN — he goes and appears with this stupid thing on his podium. Where is HIS judgement? If Team Obama says — hey this is your new seal, get out there and use it — why doesn’t he have the gut instinct to say “I’m not going to stand behind this thing?” He has TERRIBLE judgement – as he has demonstrated on more than one occasion.

    Mel Brooks did a take off on “To Be or Not to Be” (an old Carole Lombard movie) and they had a lot of goofy flags and props depicting the Third Reich. So OVERDONE – you know they’re a joke. That’s what this reminds me of…………… If he is so SMART to be President – how can he be this dumb????? He is a buffoon. Once again, the very BEST candidate for POTUS isn’t even in the race anymore.

  6. Darrell Prows says:

    Whoever is doing the campaign thinking for Obama right now needs to be replaced. He seems to be trying to inhabit some ethereal place above the fray and that’s a perfectly good way to get his butt handed to him in the end.

    Or maybe he’s just running on auto pilot while he rests and gets ready to come storming back in some ultra grand fashion.

  7. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Needed a good laugh this morning ! Oh come on and we all know Obama wasn’t out to change the seal for real . It’s campaign marketing and advertising for a one time event.There are a million and one ideas moving in advertising and marketing and that one just didn’t make it. Oh well,back to the drawing board but can we ask and stay on focus with the real questions and not get side tracked ? How will more funding fix the NCLB law ? I’m for change the seal to , Clinton for Vice President ! Carpe Diem and seal that deal ! (10 cent comic ,two cent politics )! Signed up for Obama and they’re all being nice and will welcome you. How would they feel if Obama had pulled out ? Get over there and we need to work a difference on NCLB and Obama thinks that law was a good idea but it just didn’t get the funding needed.The Clinton team was ending the mandates on NCLB. Did they not see the roar of applause across the country everytime she said ,”end the mandates on NCLB ? Where does one mail Obama a book called Manufactured Crisis ? Stay out there until you’re ready but we need to get in there and team up for unity. Might be some kicking until we all settle down. We don’t need four more years and think about that . Go ask what’s going on with our gas holiday and Clinton was working on it. 80% toward the innovational,energy agenda vs McCain’s 70 % was pretty good but it needs to be more. Double checking that 80% but think that’s correct. 10% on NCLB and don’t see Obama’s % on that going up yet or maybe he hasn’t decided. What will that go up to ?

  8. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Darrell, I think there is some autopilot mentality based off the generally free ride he had against Hillary. I think I remember seeing a similar “seal” in the blue background of Obama’s website (I believe NoQuarter has a screen shot in the archives). So I don’t think this is anything new, really.

  9. It’s not uncommon for campaigns to morph through various incarnations of logos and symbols and buzz phrasing. The Kerry campaign used “The Real Deal” logo for a while, which actually originated through some conversations on the Kerry blog during the campaign. It’s wasn’t a widely received logo, some of us, including myself loved it. I still a “Real Deal” sign and button.