Obama vs McCain vs Bush: Gov’t Property Energy Policy

Today WaPo reports that Senator John McCain unveiled two components of his energy plan yesterday in Santa Barbara, California.

“[…] , McCain (R-Ariz.) vowed to “put the purchasing power of the United States government on the side of green technology” by buying fuel-efficient vehicles for its civilian fleet of cars and trucks and by retrofitting federal office space. The pledge comes months after Obama (D-Ill.) outlined a more detailed and ambitious proposal on the subject, virtually ensuring that the next administration will take significant steps to lower the government’s output of energy and pollution.”

“Deeper in the speech […] saying that the U.S. government ranks as “the single largest consumer of electricity in the world” because it holds sway over “3.3 billion square feet of federal office space” worldwide, McCain said he plans to reduce the government’s carbon footprint by updating its buildings and demanding better standards in new ones.”[…] McCain did not provide details about his plan, causing some public watchdog and environmental groups to question how much energy would be saved.”

Obama’s detailed proposals were announced months ago:

“Obama, who first set his targets last October, has promised that he would make all new federal buildings 40 percent more efficient than current ones within five years, and carbon-neutral by 2025. He has also pledged to increase efficiency of existing federal buildings by 25 percent within five years and to ensure that the government derives 30 percent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2020 — none of which McCain has promised to do.”

Even Bush has gotten into the act personally by refitting the White House and announcing other steps by executive order:

“In January 2007, the president issued an executive order calling on the government to “increase purchase of alternative fuel, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles when commercially available” and to “reduce petroleum consumption in fleet vehicles by 2 percent annually through 2015,” among other measures. He and Laura Bush have also made changes in the White House, replacing all incandescent bulbs in hallways with compact fluorescent lights, installing low-consumption toilets in many places and putting in energy-efficient cooling units.”[notice the link to Laura Bush who was behind the retrofit of the WH.]

More on the topic at the WaPo story.

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