Senate Passes Bill to Name Highway for Tim Russert

Via a press release from Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works: Today the Senate passed S.3145, which names a portion of United States Route 20A, located in Orchard Park, near Buffalo, New York, as the ‘Timothy J. Russert Highway.’ Tim Russert, the long-time host of “Meet the Press” and award-winning NBC journalist died June 13.

Senator Boxer said: “Tim Russert’s love for his hometown was as well known as his passion for politics.  This bill is a lasting reminder to the people of Buffalo, New York, that they had a real champion in Tim Russert.”

The Senate passed the legislation, sponsored by Senators Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer of, by unanimous consent Tuesday evening.

The House of Representatives must now vote on the measure and once passed in the House it can be sent to Bush for his signature.

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4 Responses to Senate Passes Bill to Name Highway for Tim Russert

  1. weltec2 says:

    The same Tim who asked Hillary if she regretted misleading the American people by defending her husband when she continued to have faith in him and refused to believe that he was guilty of cheating on her? The same Tim who pressed her further and asked her if she would like to apologize to the American people for deceiving them? Tim, the guy who picked up every single rumor about Gore in order to trumpet the mantra “Gore liar Gore liar Gore liar” prior to election 2000. That Tim Russert? It was guys like the “working-class Irish Catholic from Buffalo” — multi-millionaire with a multi-million dollar home on Nantucket Island — who put Bush in the Whitehouse and they’re going to name a highway after him? That’s… just… perfect!

  2. coldH2Owi says:

    Tim Russert doesn’t deserve this honor. Remember his role in the Plame case? His behavior dishonored journalism. I am stupefied by all the rush to sainthood. He was Cheney’s go-to guy after all.

  3. Theresa says:

    Understanding Tim Russert is complicated and may not seem worth trying for some who have seen the bad effects of picking out false accusations and distortions and coming on strong in asking those he interviewed about them. I was especially upset with the last interview I saw him do with Hillary, although she handled herself very well.

    He accepted the format that he was supposed to learn about his guest, trying to find contradictions, apparent or otherwise, and take the role of opponent. This came easily because of his lawyer’s training. The same thing that was wrong with “Meet the Press” is wrong with our legal system. You don’t always get the whole truth or fair treatment by having opponents face off in court. We need someone trained to want the truth and look for the whole truth in fair and honest perspective. This is greatly needed in our legal system and in the news media.

    I think Tim Russert was a good man in his own way and I think it was big hearted of Hillary to look past her experience to seeing his desire to be a loyal son, a good father, and a representative of what he thought the people wanted asked.

  4. weltec2 says:

    No, I’m sorry Teresa. You’re missing the point. We are not talking about his role as a father or son to Big Tim or even as a good Catholic. We are talking here about his role as a journalist. He gave a pass to the Bush Whitehouse. The Bush Whitehouse and the press became inseparable thanks in part to Tim. Tim became the mouthpiece of the Whitehouse.

    Someone from the whitehouse would plant an unsubstantiated story in the New York Times and then Tim would repeat it as truth. Cheney would validate it in an interview with Tim and then… over and over again… it would become a self-confirming circle. It was througth Tim that much false Conventional Wisdom was arrived at.