Obama Gives $2,300 for Clinton Debt

Barack Obama started the ball rolling tonight to help Hillary Clinton pay down her campaign debt, writing a personal check of $2,300 to Clinton as “a goodwill gesture intended to nudge his top donors to help ease Mrs. Clinton’s campaign debt and help the two Democrats move beyond their rivalry to focus on the fall contest.”

I wrote my check to the Hillary for President committee,” said Mr. Obama, who was greeted with booming applause from some of Mrs. Clinton’s top supporters. Michelle Obama also contributed $2,300.

In a ballroom at the Mayflower hotel here, Mrs. Clinton introduced Mr. Obama to about 300 of her leading contributors, most of whom raised at least $100,000 for her campaign. It was the first time the senators shared a stage since she suspended her candidacy and endorsed him nearly three weeks ago.

The event at the Mayflower Hotel was an invitation-only gathering which falls on the eve of a joint appearance with Obama and Clinton tomorrow afternoon in the town of Unity, N.H., where the two will “appear before television cameras in a carefully-crafted rollout of their renewed friendship and newfound partnership.” 

Working together for changeWhat an awesome conceptBarack Obama’s “top political advisers were on hand, mingling and chatting with Mrs. Clinton’s contributors.”

In her public remarks, Mrs. Clinton asked of nothing from her former rival and pledged her full support.

“I am asking you to do everything you can to help elect Barack Obama,” Mrs. Clinton told a group of nurses before arriving at the evening event. “I have debated him in more debates than I can remember and I have seen his passion and his determination and his grit and his grace. In his own life he has lived the American dream.”

Terry McAuliffe, the campaign chairman for Mrs. Clinton, said it was time to get her contributors “fired up for the general election.” As Mr. McAuliffe walked through the hotel’s stately lobby, he was greeted by several Clinton supporters who embraced him and spoke longingly about Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy.

“This is unity. Bringing together these folks is a good piece of that,” Mr. McAuliffe said. “It was a great race. She got 18 million votes and she realizes what was accomplished. No one likes to lose, but you know what? She’s moved on.”

Marc Ambinder has more on the event at the Mayflower, by way of a pool report from “the Washington Post’s Shailagh Murray.” Murray says:

The 30-minute event was emotional and upbeat. Both candidates warmly received, generous to each other, and very focused on winning.  

So, now the question remains, can Clinton supporters who are still threatening to vote for John McCain “move on” as Hillary has and jump on board the “unity” train because bitter stuff like this doesn’t help anyone including Hillary Clinton and posting false info like this isn’t helpful either: “note, no check from Michelle.”

The headlines are everywhere, both Barack and Michelle Obama donated to Hillary’s campaign to help pay down her debt, and “Obama finance chair Penny Pritzker also wrote a $4,600 check for herself and her husband.”

Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe had it in his pocket and showed it to reporters waiting outside.

The primaries are so over… It’s time to work together… Some folks have got to take a good long look at the unity calls that Hillary Clinton has been putting forth and get how petty their clinging to what might have been looks at this point. 

We need to win in November. That’s it in a nutshell. Good for Obama for stepping up to help Hillary retire her debt.

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