There was “unity” in Unity, NH today and many of us are hoping it will spread across the country in huges waves that drive Democratic voters out to the polls in November for Barack Obama.

It was a day of choreographed unity — their destination was a rally here in this small western New Hampshire town — with the two senators appearing together before the cameras for the first time. Three weeks after suspending her campaign, Mrs. Clinton renewed her endorsement and pledged to do all she could to help Democrats win the White House in the fall.

“Unity is not only a beautiful place, it’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?” Mrs. Clinton said. “I know what we start here in this field of unity will end on the steps of the Capitol when Barack Obama takes the oath of office.”[…]

“For sixteen months, Senator Clinton and I have shared the stage as rivals,” Mr. Obama said. “But today, I couldn’t be happier and more honored that we’re sharing it as allies in the effort to bring this country a new and better day.”

Get on board the “unity” train… Everyone’s doing it… 

Terry McAuliffe… “I Love Barack Obama!

From CNN: Hillary Clinton said today in Unity, NH: “”We are one party; we are one America.”

Hillary and Bill also maxed out for Obama todayPony up for Obama.

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6 Responses to UNITY!!!

  1. Ted says:

    Now that we’re beyond Hillary, we can look forward to the first female VP, Sarah Palin, to become the first female President of the United States in 4 years!

  2. Ted

    One word: NOT!

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    “Where all Americans are recognized …” What a real speech and what a beautiful fighter we are so thank-ful for.”She rocks!” A spirited conversation? Ha,loved that comment ! The blue tie and blue suit worked ! The news is watching their body language ? Oh good greif and leave Bill Clinton alone and he’s working on energy innovation for the nation with a plan ! Loved the speech from them both and thought they were great ! Heard them report that Obama’s girl’s didn’t think it was a big deal there was a women and an african american running for president. That’s cool and the little ones,” keep it real ! ” Pretty amazing,that Hillary Clinton and Obama’s pretty cool too ! Ya know,we could win for sure if he’d pick Clinton for vice president ! Does Clinton want to be considered for vice president or is she interested in other aspects of gov. ? To soon to say but it’s on the, “we have hope list !” What a close race and thought Obama was on target when he said,either one of us could have won and he was indicating how close it really was. Exciting changes to look foward to and that feels good !

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    “HELLO UNITY !” Saddle up little pilgrams and were moving the elephants out and the democrats in ! Yahoo !

  5. weltec2 says:

    I might “love” Obama a little if he had gone back to Washington and stood against the FISA vote if only to show his solidarity with those 15 who stood against it. I understand that Hillary did not go back out of loyalty for Obama and because she knew the vote would be lost anyway. But if Obama is going to lead our party he must LEAD not just talk about leading.

    I think those who voted against it in defense of the constitution should have their names in lights. We should all know who they are by name. These stood for the constitution while the others voted against it or turned their heads to other tasks because they had more important things to do. I cannot imagine a more important thing that a senator might have to do, but they must have had something.

  6. Darrell Prows says:

    weltec2: I smell a deal. I’m not sure I like it, but I’m also not sure I don’t. Several Bills with some pretty good provisions are moving now with large majorities and there is no longer talk about vetoes (extending unemployment benefits, foreclosure/housing relief, programs for vets, etc.). It’s not a momentous change but it’s at least a positive turn of events.

    I just hope that the cost of the sellout has not been too large. And maybe it’s only so that everyone can clear the backlog to make way for what is going to prove to be a hell of a hard fall campaign.