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This new educational program that I got my kids started on takes up a lot more of my time than in the past (mostly because four more subjects have been added to their daily schedule) and so I try not to get myself too riled up so that I can focus when I sit down with them.

But, it’s kind of hard not to get riled up when you read some nonsense like this: McCain: World War III Would Justify Draft

John McCain said last night during a campaign tele-conference that he would bring back a military draft in the United States only in the case of a ‘World War III’ scenario.

and this: Israel Prodding U.S. To Attack Iran

CBS consultant Michael Oren says Israel doesn’t want to wait for a new administration.“The Israelis have been assured by the Bush administration that the Bush administration will not allow Iran to nuclearize,” Oren said. “Israelis are uncertain about what would be the policies of the next administration vis-à-vis Iran.”

Here’s my thinking (please, correct me if I’m wrong), if “we” attack Iran, we will be most definitely in a WW3 scenario (if we aren’t already) and Republican presidential hopeful, John McCain, is all “okey-dokey” about starting a draft in case that nonsense happens?

The US Army already has one member of my family, SSG Dizzy, serving in perpertuity (or until the Army thinks he’s too broken–at some distant/future date, thank goodness–to serve). But, I have a child who is almost 19 years old and who has no intention of volunteering to become cannon-fodder for GWB and his war-mongering cronies, least of all, John McCain. That means, he could become a pawn in McCain’s draft. And, I gotta tell ya, I’m not feeling that nonsense. No, not one little bit!

For starters, the draft amounts to slavery; FORCING individuals to serve against their will. Sure, joining the military is all patriotic and stuff, but it’s only patriotic when you VOLUNTEER. That whole “doing it for your country” pretty much blows up when your country doesn’t respect your right to say NO, THANKS. Adding insult to injury, rich people will always get out of the draft, no matter what kind of laws they write to prevent that (money talks and allows bullspitters to walk: just ask GWB and his right hand, Dick). The poor will have little or no resources to get out of a draft. Some may not even understand that they could actually fight for their rights (as conscientious objectors); they may not even know what their rights are. They certainly wouldn’t be able to afford an attorney to help them out and I’m pretty sure when the “draft” hits the fan, the ACLU will have its hands full.I won’t even go into the whole high anxiety that I am feeling with the idea that my soldier, SSG Dizzy, who will be in Iraq until long after the next president is inaugurated, will most definitely be in the eye of the storm if Israel convinces the US to do its bidding and attack Iran.I probably shouldn’t worry though, I mean, after all, if GWB and McCain can sleep at night, I should just go shopping instead.

The following video goes triple for me (John McCain, you can’t have Christian, Liam, or Lilith!):

You Can’t Have Alex!

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One Response to Your Morning Cuppa Dizzy: Mmm, Drafty!

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Believe it or not, the top brass in the U.S. Military are on your side this time. Hitting Iran right now would hold the real potential of causing our military to break, and they above all else know that. Iran sits right between Iraq and Afghanistan and if we force them they’ll make things so hot that we’ll never be able to get out of either one. And right now we don’t have the resources to stay either.