Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

It’s going to be a wild partying week, with Independence Day coming up on Friday. That means it’s going to be a slow news week. Unfortunately, that does NOT mean that the world will forgo having it’s usual daily nervous breakdown. So, pull up your morning cuppa. It’s time for your Ten Post Round-Up !

1. AMERICAblog: OPEC President–Oil at $150-$170 in near term
The good news is that he doesn’t think $200 oil is coming soon. The cheap dollar position by Bush is coming home to roost.

Well, that’s a relief!

2. BlackListed News: As Bill Evolves, Mortgage Debt Is Snowballing
When Congress started fashioning a sweeping rescue package for struggling homeowners earlier this year, 2.6 million loans were in trouble. But the problem has grown considerably in just six months and is continuing to worsen.

If only they had been on the ball before loan “sharks” had taken advantage of potential homebuyers, in the first place.

3. The Democratic Daily: Increased Covert Regime Change OP’s Approved In Iran
While none of us know the details, there has been a significant approval of funding for increased covert ops in Iran, according to Seymour Hersh in a story published online last Sundy at the The New Yorker Magazine. The news of the article was reported by MSNBC , outlines Hersh’s article and gets reactions from insiders.

The more things change…

4. The Huffington Post: Bush the Pot calls Mugabe the Kettle, “Undemocratic”
As a former advisor to Morgan Tsvangirai, I am compelled to offer the following observations on the recent attempt by President George W. Bush to appear less despotic than the reviled president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe.

Hypocrisy, thy initials are GWB…

5. Hypocrisy: California Split on Homosexual Marriage
San Francisco’s gay pride paraders celebrated their newfound freedom to marry as the city’s 38th annual march got under way with a matrimonial touch.

Not everyone believes that homosexuals should have equal rights.

6. LewRockwell.com Blog: The Power of Non-Voting

The article forwarded by Karen Kwiatkowski hits a very sensitive nerve of the statists. Voting is essential for maintaining the illusion that “democracies” are run by “the people” (in the same way that “theocracies” are run by “God”). Those who refuse to vote are walking sandwich boards for the proposition that people can function in society without political direction and oversight. Non-voters must be stigmatized as “lazy” or “irresponsible” – and certainly not be seen as men and women who reject the entire logic of the state.

What’s that they say about “insanity”?

7. Pam’s House Blend: The real reason “marriage” is between a man & a woman
As we all recall, back in the day women were chattle. Today, CNN’s Mental Floss, reminds us of this:

When it comes to “traditional” marriage, I don’t think a lot of people really understand what the meaning of is, is.

8. Rational Review: Poll–Schools not properly preparing kids for life
“It’s not much of a report card. Half of Americans say U.S. schools are doing only a fair to poor job preparing kids for college and the work force.

This is NOT good news for our future…

9. Signs of the Times News: Pakistan–Numbers for impeachment of Musharraf grow
ISLAMABAD – The Thursday’s by-polls have further cemented the coalition partners’ parliamentary position to impeach the president as now their combined strength stands at 13 more than the two-thirds majority of the joint house of parliament

Hey! If they can do it, why can’t we?

10. Think Progress: FLASHBACK–McCain In 1999 — ‘I Would Not Support Repeal Of Roe V. Wade’
Today, CNN’s Late Edition re-broadcasted an August 22, 1999 interview with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), in which McCain expressed support for overturning Roe v. Wade, while also noting that the action “would condemn young women to dangerous and illegal operations”:

He was for women’s safety before he was against it…

(The official “GWB Presidency is Toast” counter)

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