Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Some days you gotta laugh and I’m sure that by the end of today’s Ten Post Round-Up, you might find a thing or two to snicker about.

1. Acerbic Politics: Cash Buy’s Friends
On top of the illegal spying, the bill also allows US Telephone companies immunity from prosecution for their part in the illegal spying, should a court case ever be brought up. And now we find out WHY the Democrats are caving in favor of the bill…

Nobody really watching what goes on in Washington is really surprised to hear that Democrats benefited ($$$) from supporting FISA.

2. The Carpetbagger: Report–Note to the religious right: auto-replace is not your friend
Auto-correct can be a very helpful feature of any word-processing program. But when conservatives use it, they run the risk of embarrassing themselves.

Ah, Fundies! They can be an endless source of amusement when they are not out there trying to take away the rights of women, gays or other minorities.

3. Common Dreams: Bottled Water Industry Faces Growing Opposition
Across the country, opposition to bottled water is building, amid growing concerns about the industry’s environmental impact and rising fears about private control of public water supplies.

Of course, it doesn’t help the everybody realizes that “bottled” water is much cheaper if you DIY and, not to mention, probably not much better/worse than the expensive pre-packaged stuff.

4. Counterpunch: Sex Workers is Different from Sex SlaveryThe true needs of sex workers are subverted by asinine “studies” full of social scientist babble said Willow, citing a recent, highly publicized report which “didn’t even interview sex workers, just occasional johns called ‘hobbyists.’ Hello?”

Especially ridiculous said Willow is a $1000 “john school” where arrested clients of sex workers are remanded in California to “learn how to not buy sex.”

“I’ll teach them that for $250.”

Despite the dangers, inherent in the illegality, for some people prostitution is a choice and not a matter of force.

5. duckplops: International Monetary Fund To Audit Federal Reserve
No Fed chief in US history has been forced to submit to the kind of humiliation that Ben Bernanke is facing.

How far the mighty US of A, has fallen (as if the war in Iraq was not enough to tarnish our image).

6. LewRockwell.com Blog: Bob Barr’s Mea Culpa, and Dodge
On Fox, he admirably makes the conservatives squirm at the idea that he’ll hurt McCain, and he stands up to a lie about the new FISA bill only being for terror-related surveillance. He takes blame for voting for the Patriot Act.

But he ducks responsibility for the Iraq war vote.

One reason Ron Paul fans will not vote for LP presidential candidate Bob Barr: Iraq.

7. Reason Magazine – Hit & Run: “We Are All Hussein.”
Barack Obama supporters looking for ways to neuter the negative impact of his middle name, Hussein, have taken to using it themselves:

Apparently, it’s not having the desired effect. But, it is scaring the heck out of the Fundies.

8. Signs of the Times News: America’s Shrinking Groceries
American supermarkets are epics of excess: it often seems like every item in the store comes in a “Jumbo” size or has “Bonus!” splashed across the label. But is it possible that the amount of food Americans are buying is, in fact… shrinking? Well, yes.

Well, that’s one more thing that the “obesity-epidemic” choir can cheer about!

9. Talking Points Memo: Lieberman Suggests There Will Be Terrorist Attack In 2009
Uh oh. Looks like Joe Lieberman is experimenting with new and creative ways of amplifying the GOP message that if we elect Barack Obama president, we’ll all die.

Yeah, because there has NEVER been a terrorist attack during a Republican presidency…

10. Think Progress: Iraq contractor reports consistent level of violence despite troop surge.
Last week, the Pentagon reported that improvements in security in Iraq have been “substantial over the past nine months.” But an Iraqi contractor does not see such improvement.

Well, if the GWB administration says it’s true, then it’s true, because this administration is, so, not known for lying…

(Official GWB Presidency is Toast Counter)

(Don’t forget to refill your morning cuppa…)

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