Odds Columnist Gets Involved in $1-Million Swift Boat Dispute

Universal Press Syndicate odds columnist Benjamin Eckstein says, “In the world of betting and gambling, your word is your bond. Whether it’s a $7 bet or a $500,000 bet, once it’s made and once you shake on it, it should be done.” That’s why he’s stepped up and has made offers to both T. Boone Pickens and the Swift Boat veterans in support of Kerry that took up Pickens $1 million challenge suggesting that “his own oversight or the help of a panel to determine who won the wager and what awards might be in order.”

Pickens is again trying to weasel out on the offer he made to to “pay $1 million to anyone who can disprove even a single charge of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” against John Kerry.” The veterans that served with John Kerry have the goods to prove Pickens and the Swift Boat liars are liars and Pickens won’t honor their proof.

Eckstein was “quoted in an ABCNews.com story as saying it would be “sacrilegious” not to follow through on a bet.”

Obviously T. Boone Pickens word is not his bond.

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3 Responses to Odds Columnist Gets Involved in $1-Million Swift Boat Dispute

  1. John Stone says:

    The Swift Boat Ads were proven to be lies many times from the 2004 Election to the present. Now again they have been proven to be big lies and Pickens is trying to weasel out. You can just look at Pickens and see that he is a good old boy Texas Oilman.
    Reminds me of a couple of other guys. On the other hand John Kerry is a statesman and a patriot!

  2. What is so unfortunate about this is that the “swift boat” lies were the primary cause of Senator Kerry losing the election. A person is able to sue someone who sells them a product and who misrepresents the product at time of sale. If the dealer sells you a car which proves to be a “lemon”, most states permit a suit to redress the misrepresentation.
    So, how come when the GOP political machine does not face serious legal action? By demonizing Senator Kerry, they turned the product (him) from a traitor to tyrant. These lies enabled King George to serve another four years and thus changed the course of history. Those who fabricate stories to win elections need to be held accountable for their actions !! Buzz

  3. Please note, I meant to say “from a hero to a treasonist.” Buzz