US Economy Enduring Rough Period?

How out of touch is Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson? So out of touch that he thinks what’s going on with the economy is simply a “rough period.”

That’s right… BushCo wants Americans to believe that “soaring crude oil prices, a widespread credit crunch and a two-year long housing market slump” has simply “taken some of the wind out of the sails of the US economy.”

No doubt, unlike the average hard working American, Henry Paulson doesn’t have to worry about paying the mortgage or rent payment, filling the gas tank or putting food on the table. And no doubt unlike the average hard working American, Henry Paulson isn’t watching his small business go down the tubes in this rotten reccession that is causing more than just big corporations like Starbucks to lay off employees.

Change can’t come soon enough for my taste when it comes to the economy and a host of other issues. Word has it that the Obama camp has been beefing up the team preparing for the general election by adding some of Hillary Clinton’s “best and brightest campaign advisers.” That’s greast news as Clinton had some of the “country’s most experienced policy talent.” Roll up your sleeves Obama campaign staffers and get to work giving American’s something better to believe in on the economy than we’re just enduring a “rough period.”

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One Response to US Economy Enduring Rough Period?

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    The bright guys at the Federal Reserve have now officially announced that they see no improvement before the end of this year. Seem like McCain ought to just do himself and the rest of us a favor and pack it in.

    Or maybe he’s hoping that some terrprist will come and save his butt.