Wes Clark Responds To Criticism Of His Remarks About John McCain

Wes Clark, appearing with an aggressive Andrea Mitchell, was given a extended opportunity to talk about the controversy that surrounded his remark’s on John McCain. Watch this segment to see the framework of his remarks and his very able explanation of them.

PS: If you have never been to a Wes Clark event you wouldn’t know that he opens every public appearance by asking the attending veterans to stand so the audience can applaud their service. In every setting, no matter how small, he honors his fellow veterans…all of them. The audience always responds with applause, cheers and support.

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5 Responses to Wes Clark Responds To Criticism Of His Remarks About John McCain

  1. kcowley says:

    I guess Andrea doesn’t like it when Obama is “taken off message”.

  2. Megalomania says:

    For a several hours my curiosity about McCain and the reasons why he got shot down over Vietnam especially in a lake near the middle of Hanoi was leading to a lot of questions about McCain.

    Further, anyone could search to find out McCain took part in some horse play way back then, which resulted in the Navy’s single most horrific accident recorded in history. McCain was quietly shuttled away from the mess. Here, the same as Bush, records have been scrubbed, likely because McCain’s father happened to be the North European Commander during the Vietnam War. McCain was no “Maverick” as by the descriptions actually McCain was more like “Jinx” that was a magnet for wildly irresponsible horrible incidents that surrounded McCains activities.

    I recall even Pat Buchanan saying that it was common knowledge that McCain was not a very good pilot. Plus taking a Sky Hawk into enemy air was considered foolish and only a risk adventure. Should have never been used. But, was a common practice. Today so is a common practice of a back door draft and poor amour on hummer’s. So we know the common practice of the military is just that “practice without accountability”. Mercenaries all over the place.

    Moreover, the ejection seats in this model, the sky-hawk, have been known to have serious flaws and defects that the Navy ignored. Records have been scrubbed for horrible accidents in ejections to include complete destruction of the spinal core in emergency situations that killed some service members. Besides, fracturing any part of the upper body including shoulders or arms. One might argue that the North Vietnam doctors did favor to work on McCains injuries that might not have been torture, but self inflicted do to ejection. Under these pressures and knowing McCain’s father was a prominent commander in the American war theater during this time a lot crazy things could have been bargained for. Events could have very well included ending of the war in Vietnam and for trading McCains life. Plus, these design flaws were kept silent during and after the war, or likely destroyed by now.

    McCains family is a highly regarded military connected bunch, such as that described by Eisenhower. That factor of the military industrial complex to be aware of in the future. Here America will likely be taken control of, by a government of fanatics, toward a totalitarian form. Heck for another hundred years if McCain has his way. Another thing is way too clear. Staying in Iraq vindicates Bush against war crimes. If America stays in Iraq no one will bring charges against Bush and his administrations in the on going war. Chances are Bush and Company along with the imbedded media is due for a horrible investigation of deliberate manipulation and public deception beyond any time in history. FISA is important.

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Think Wes Clark clarify’s his comments and comparisons made well and Obama reinforces his respect for McCain of which was good of him. Could you imagine being shot down from a plane ? Held a prisoner of war and guess you’d have to experience it like Clark and McCain to understand. Two men in war making political comparisons. Think Obama wants those comparisons to stay positive with respect to McCain’s honor and service to the country.

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Obama’s going to be great at keeping them positive and a team even in competition with McCain. Don’t foul out playing the other team and watch where you’re throwing the elbows?

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Obama’s team takes foul shot and dunks for two ! Ball in play and hopefully we’re back to the issues and rumors end.What happened with that NEA conference on NCLB ?