Obama and Clinton to Hold Joint Fundraisers

Team work… Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will hold joint fundraisers in New York next week to “help each other raise money.” 

Obama campaign spokesman Jen Psaki said Obama and Clinton will “hold three fundraisers,” two events on “Wednesday night — one to raise money for his general election campaign and one to help pay off debts from her primary campaign,” and a “third fundraiser, for Obama, is a breakfast Thursday morning with women donors that Clinton, a New York senator, will attend.”

There’s no word on the hunt for a VP for Obama, but as the two continue to stump together in effort to rally voters and raise funds, one can’t help but wonder… Call it wishful thinking, I’d still like to see a “Unity” ticket with Obama and Clinton.

The Caucus adds that “Obama campaign officials believe Mrs. Clinton’s fund-raisers could raise $50 to $75 million for him in the coming weeks.” And they note that Obama is currently in the midst of a “spree of pricey fund-raisers across the country as he seeks to raise more than $200 million for the general election.”

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10 Responses to Obama and Clinton to Hold Joint Fundraisers

  1. John Stone says:

    Yesterday in the Clear Lake, Iowa 4th of July Parade, the Democrats had Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, the Obama Campaign,Congressional Candidate Becky Greenwald, two Iowa House Candiditates, two incumbent County Supervisors,County Treasurer and 125 people marching with us. The Republicans had 4 people marching with them and a big poster of George W. Bush.
    I guess they haven’t gotten the message yet.

  2. alrudder says:

    Basically, the best thing for party “unity” is to get give the Democrats full, filibuster-proof control, of Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Unless you are planning on making tens of thousands of dollars of donations to Democrats, the best thing you can do for Senator Clinton is to help her be part of a supermajority in the Senate.

    Why she kept running (and going into debt) after February is not for me to judge, but I can’t say that paying off one presidential candidate’s debt is more important than contributing to six close Senate candidates.

  3. kcowley says:

    With Clinton having the popular vote, don’t quite see how you can make that comparaison.

  4. alrudder

    My thoughts are that if people want to help HRC pay down her debt that is their business and I also think it’s incredibly generous of Obama to be helping with that. More generous of him than his supporters who think he shouldn’t. In that one magnanimous gesture from Obama, I see a very statesman-like presence that is very needed in America.

    Last I heard the DSCC and the DCCC were raising lot’s of $$$, and I’m personally glad to see the flip side of working together to raise money to pay off HRC’s debt, is that HRC and her fundraisers are working to raise money for Obama’s campaign. It’s called team work and it’s nive to see it happening.

  5. alrudder

    “the best thing you can do for Senator Clinton is to help her be part of a supermajority in the Senate”

    One more thing, if you are interested in seeing a “supermajority in the Senate” and you think our readers should get involved, I would invite you write a post about that here, sans the criticism of Obama or anyone helping to raise money to pay down HRC’s debt. I write about what I find of interest, when I find the time and lately and in the near future, my time is limited. I have my own financial concerns to take care of in this economy and blogging doesn’t pay my bills.

  6. alrudder says:

    some specifics please: What are the vote totals are you tabulating for Washington, Maine, Iowa, and Nevada? [there are none and three were won by Obama]
    Additionally, Are you counting Hillary’s votes in Michigan?

    For those who advise me to put this behind, I want to put this behind. But if Democrats are spreading concretely and intellectually dishonest information about another Democrat, I have to live up to John Kerry’s saying “not an inch of daylight” and counter ever falsehood.

  7. alrudder

    All “kcowley” said was “With Clinton having the popular vote” — there were no states mentioned in that comment. There’s a lot of folks who contend HRC won the popular vote and I am one of them. I don’t push it here and as long time friend of The Dem Daily, I’ll ask again that you respect my readers who are fellow Clinton supporters who are as much friends here as you.

  8. Theresa says:

    It was considerate of Obama to make some effort to encourage funders to help pay part of Hillary’s campaign debt, but we need to remember that she said she is not seeking any pay back for the millions she loaned her campaign. Many of us have continued to donate to her campaign to pay down the debt. So, it would not take a great deal from Obama’s contacts to finish paying the debt. Meanwhile, his campaign is benefiting much more than that by the millions of people Hillary has interested and will continue to interest in supporting Obama.

  9. Peace Out For Unity says:

    How about Meet The Nation makes a donation to Clinton to get her on and clarify the qestions and comparisons between Obama and McCain concerning Iraq.Watch that video with Kerry !

  10. Peace Out For Unity says:

    You want her back in the senate ? Millions are praying she’s vice president and the democrats win ,amen !