Demand Equality

For all the women, minorities and aged people in this country still facing inequality or downright sexism, racism or age discrimination it’s time for all of us because it’s time for all people to demand equality.

Barack Obama faces outright racism and admits it’s part of his fight. Hillary Clinton faced sexism, most obviously in broadcast press. The list could go on and on.

It’s time we focused some energy on making sure our candidates know that this in one of the serious issues they need to address in their race.

It’s a serious issue for our children and grandchildren. Let’s push the message forward. Talk to your candidates. If they are in a district where winning is unlikely they have an even better platform for shedding light on the subject because they have nothing to lose. Push the message forward.

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8 Responses to Demand Equality

  1. coldH2Owi says:

    Absolutely. Great post, good idea. Living, as I do, close to three Native reservations in northern Wisco, I see & feel the inequality & the privilege every day. I had hoped when I was younger that,this would be much different. It’s hard & we need to work at it every day.

  2. Thanks for the response. And work with your candidates and officeholders. Most email to Washington but I can guarantee you that a phone call to the local office followed by a letter can be much more effective.

    Build a relationship with the District team and you (or your group) will have much more influence.

  3. Theresa says:

    Working to overcome prejudice seems to be more complicated than it used to be. Part of the problem is that people who seem to set no standards of accuracy and fairness write comments that are always printed in on-line publications, no matter how untrue, biased and hateful they are. It used to be that if we wanted to have a chance of our letter to the editor being printed, we thought we had to make an effort to have something constructive to say. Now everybody says anything and contempt and hatred seem to spread much more easily than respect and fairness. It doesn’t seem to matter that many of them butcher the English language. They spread their message. Of course, with Hillary they were usually just magnifying the bias of the media writer.

    We certainly do need to try to raise consciousness as best we can, though. I have often thought that narcissism is at the root of every war and irreconcilable difference between people. It seems that our culture and news media have spent too much time priding themselves in irreverence instead of cultivating reverence.

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    “One nation under God with liberty and justice for all.” Great idea and it’s all a team effort ! “All men are created equal….” Maybe that should read ,all are created equal ? We look back to remember the lessons in history to grow moving foward with changes to believe and work toward.

  5. Yes, Stuart I totally agree it is, “Time for all people to demand equality.” The list of those facing discrimination could indeed, “go on and on.” It is especially sad, however, that the gay/lesbian minority in American remain politically correct to both hate and discriminate against!!
    I am a Vetnam War veteran and am enraged that President Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy remains in effect. About two or three years ago a significant number of military interpreters were dismissed from duty in Iraq simply because their sexual orientation was discovered. Other than being gay they had no performance or behavioral issues. Within 12 months of their dismissal the military was bemoaning the fact that they had an insufficient number of Arab interpreters. They can’t have it both ways. “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell” is just as offensive to gays as the “Seperate but Equal Doctrine” was to blacks. It was Martin Luther King who himself noted that any who are considered seperate can never be equal.
    The basic human right to marry is denied to gays and lesbians in all states but two. The recently passed same-sex marriage approval in California will most likely be overturned when it once again comes up for a statewide POPULAR VOTE. Our Constitution makes it abundantly clear that the rights of the miniority cannot be subject to arbitray will of the majority. If this were the case, blacks might very well still be unable to vote.
    In many states, including mine-Delaware, the killing of a gay or lesbian simply because of their sexual orientation, is NOT considered a hate crime. Some homophobes respond that it does not qualify as a protected group because gay’s CHOOSE to be gay, while black’s do not CHOOSE to be black. How utterly ridiculious. If we were truly were able to choose, there would be no gays. Who would consciously choose homosexuality over hetrosexuality, knowing in advance that they would be hated by their families, peers, church, school, and community. This is why suicide remains the leading cause of death among gay teenagers!! Of course the beloved Boy Scouts go a long way in promoting diversity. (HA. HA)
    I don’t expect McCain (actually McBush) to tackel this issue. Obama, who needs to carry the blue collar version of family values, will only give lip service to it.
    Yes, “Peace Out of Unity” our Constitution does say, “One nation under God with liberty and justice for ALL.” How much longer must gay American’s wait to have a candidate for president to have the courage to include us in the “ALL”? Buzz

  6. Darrell Prows says:

    Buzz: As I understand it. as soon as Republics stop trying to capitalize on this issue, Democrats will strap on some courage and do what they should.

    Sad, but there you have it.

  7. Thanks for the optimistic words Darrel. Let’s hope you are correct. Buzz

  8. kcowley says:

    Stuart, I thought you might be interested in seeing this-very interesting