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dizzysten.jpgI admit it. I was playing a bit of hooky, yesterday, and I was too busy (having fun) to put up a post. But, I kinda like you guys, so I decided that it would be kinda fun to put up today’s Ten Post Round-Up.

Gasp! Shocking news: The government and the media lie to the people…again!

1. Alternate Brain: Lies, kidnapping and a mysterious laptop

I don’t pretend to understand the dynamics of inter- and intra-national South American politics, but one thing I do understand is that our government, and in particular Repuglican administrations, will lie, cheat, and kill, whatever it takes to get oil and the profit therefrom.

Hey! If it walks like a duck, why bother looking to see if it’s actually a duck?

2. BlondeSense: The secret mission to Montreal does not vindicate the bushistas

You probably read in the last few days about the secret mission to deliver uranium from Iraq to Montreal being successful. The yellowcake uranium was not weapons grade, nor could it make a dirty bomb. It will be used to make electricity in Canada. The uranium was accounted for by the IAEA and the UN before we invaded Iraq and was legally controlled, therefore this material did not vindicate the bushistas for their lies.

Oh, my! Stimulate your brain while getting it bashed in. What’s not to love?
3. BuzzFeed: Chess Boxing

This is officially the most awesome sport ever: Five rounds of boxing are interspersed between 6 rounds of chess.

A word to the worried: Learn your rights, keep the sharks at bay.
4. CNN: Debt collectors on the rampage: What you need to know

More consumers are finding themselves the target of aggressive agents who don’t always play by the rules. Here’s what you need to know.

It’s may “sound” like a noble idea, but a draft, is a draft, is a draft…an’ that ain’t good.
5. Joanne Jacobs: Serve or flunk

Barack Obama wants to make federal funds contingent on schools and colleges requiring students to perform community service. He proposes 50 hours a year in middle and high school and 100 hours a year in college.

Philadelphia freedom going the way of the Edsel?
6. Reason Magazine: Philadelphia vs. Ben Franklin’s Secret Shame

Speaking publicly in front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall may soon require a license.

Just another way of preparing our youth for the loss of their future freedom…

7. Signs of the Times News: US: Removing civil rights of teenagers

When the Founding Fathers wanted to reserve constitutional privileges for certain age groups (e.g., you can’t be a U.S. senator until you’re 30), they said so. And they didn’t put any qualifiers on the Bill of Rights.

Takin’ credit where credit ain’t due…

8. Think Progress: GOP Rep. Claims He ‘Was Proud To Support’ GI Bill That He Voted Against

Last week, President Bush signed into law a new GI Bill that doubled educational benefits for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Though Bush had steadfastly opposed the bill, he attempted to steal credit for its passage, and praised Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for helping, despite McCain’s own vocal and ardent opposition to the bill.

Comedy or reality? This could get very interesting…
9. TruthNews.us: Fox: Anarchists planning to ‘crash’ RNC convention

Much of the RNC Welcoming Committee’s self-presentation has been tongue-in-cheek, making it difficult to know the group’s actual intentions. For example, after the St. Paul Police Department ordered 234 tasers this spring, the RNC-WC announced it was doing the same — although “due to a unique corporate-anarchist confidentiality agreement, the exact number of tasers or documentable evidence of this new order will not be disclosed” — but that “convention delegates and attendees should feel free to enjoy their five-star hotels, three-course meals, and ‘gentleman’s clubs’ without fear of protest or disruption. After all, if they follow the law and don’t start any illegal wars or anything, what should they have to worry about?”

Who in their right mind would fight against keeping child molesters out of schools? It might surprise you learn that it’s a teacher’s union.

10. Why Homeschool: Which is more important: the students or the teacher?

Schools were originally created to provide an education to the students. The goal was to provide children the knowledge and understanding to function as adults.

Did I miss anything? Drop me a line in comments.

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(Don’t forget to refill your morning cuppa…)

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2 Responses to Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Dizzy: I haven’t seen Betancourt thanking Chavez, but if it’s true, and I have no reason to doubt it either, you are right that it speaks volumes. I hope that the truth is not going to need 40 years to come out, but I fear that it will.

  2. Dizzy Dez

    You’re doing better me around here lately. I’ve had to play a lot of hooky of late. Thanks for keeping us updated, it’s always a great companion for my morning cup or 3!