The Lion Returns to the Senate

Ted Kennedy returned to the floor of the Senate today for the 4:00 PM vote on Medicare.  Kennedy was accompanied by members of his family, John Kerry and Barack Obama. He received a standing ovation as he “walked through a wall of applause,” to “cast a dramatic, decisive vote on long-stalled Medicare legislation.”

Aye,” the 76-year-old Kennedy said in a loud voice, smiling broadly and making a thumbs-up gesture as he registered his vote.

Spectators in the galleries that overhang the chamber burst into cheers — a violation of decorum that drew no complaints.

“It’s great to be back. I love this place,” he said after his brief visit.

Watch the video here:

Kennedy issued the following statement today on the Medicare vote:

I return to the Senate today to keep a promise to our senior citizens — and that’s to protect Medicare. Win, lose or draw, I wanted to be here. I wasn’t going to take the chance that my vote could make the difference. Medicare should not be a partisan issue. Illness and age know no party boundaries. The 44 million Americans who rely on Medicare to meet their health care needs are both Democrats and Republicans. Like all Americans, they have worked hard all their lives. They’ve raised their families. They’ve built our towns and cities and farmed the land. They’ve served in our military.”

“We owe them so much for the part they have played in making America a great country. So today I proudly cast this important vote for them — a vote to keep the Medicare program strong and effective for the future.”

What a heartwarming sight to see Uncle Ted back on the Senate floor. Kennedy cast the “60th Vote To Break GOP Filibuster On Medicare.”

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11 Responses to The Lion Returns to the Senate

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Years ago, in my early thirties living in Washingtion I had the honor or hearing Ted Kennedy speak. Powerful speaker with great passion and heart for this country and true grit ,like the old movies with John Wayne.So taken by Kennedy speaking ,I leaned over on the rail and was startled by security that told me not to lean on the rail or touch it ! I had no idea about all that and didn’t realize you’re not allowed to touch the rail on the upper level looking down. Sit sraight,listen and do not lean into or touch the rail or you’ll be escorted out by security. Yes Sir ! That was a great speech and he’s so strong and passionate speaking ,it’s unforgetable in a life time of memories. God speed for 100 % recovery. NCLB ? End the Mandates on NCLB and the best of intentions but the outcome and results not as expected. We have a “D” in public education across the country without the funding on this law to make it work ! 97% of our teachers are highly qualified and yet we come in with a 70%? Hurry back full time senator and we need you on reauthorization ! Wasn’t it great he came back in to sign ! Amazing ! True grit and heart for serious causes ! Hooray for medicare and Senator Kennedy !

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    He better not forget about NCLB and be back ASAP when they get to that one !

  3. John Stone says:

    Senator Kennedy being accompanied by Senators Kerry and Obama on his return to the the Senate was a great moment I am sure. Three great men !

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Ted Kennedy is the chairmen for reauthorization on NCLB and no decisions will be made on this law until we see who our next president is going to be.The NEA has won in a court decision on NCLB .No funding to support school systems and NCLB was held responsible. Amen ! Powerfully,heated debates moving educationally foward and don’t think this law is going to make it or is it working !

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    What’s really neat in all the debate with NCLB is that communications have opened up between the state and federal levels,the field and administration as well as the involvement from the general public to push for change and solutions concerning. 95.76 % to 90.42% of teachers “highly qualified under NCLB but we have a “D” average in public education. Support and instructional feedback with on the job training is critical for highly qualified and passing the Praxis exam doesn’t seem to be making a difference on highly qualfied . We are losing 50% of our teachers within five years. How many times are 4.0 education majors from our Unversities having to take the Praxis exam for a licence to teach and flunking this $200.00 dollar exam by one and two points ? Each test is designed to a different degree and level of difficulty. They sell exams for a living as a corporation and enter higer accountablity under NCLB. Cut out the licensure red tape and allow universiies to pass and process initial teaching licences.Enter more programs for beginning teacher support and on the job training to be an effectve teacher.At least have alternative routes for licensure in place rather than a standarized test with Praxis.Pass your four year degree and go teach ! View instructional accountability for highly effective and get rid of this highly qualified. The results on that under NCLB aren’t adding up either and our teachers are highly qualified. How effective is the evaluation process of a teacher and the feedback for he or she to become highly qualified under NCLB. Reports showing the evaluation system needs review and an area to strengthen. Go Kennedy ! The state handles a licence to teach ? How many times have they been in your classroom to evaluate ? Need more state teams designed for evaluating first year teachers to base results on highly qualified and licensure.Pass with the state evaluators in your class room seven times at any given time and you may be on your way for highly qualified and a full licence to teach.

  6. Ted Kennedy is a giant political figure! He, and his niece Carolyn, remain our only links to the glorius days of JFK inspired “Camelot.”
    When JFK was assissinated I was a sophmore in college. All of those who were living on that awful 11/22/63 afternoon vividly remember where they were when they heard the awful news. Then came the gunning down of Martin Luther King in March of 1968. I was a Specialist 4th Class serving with the 25th Infantry Division, when Dr. King was so viciously taken from us. A few months later, in June 1968, we received the news that Senator Robert Kennedy had been gunned down in LA, following his win in the California presidential primary. I was still serving in Vietnam with just two months remaining on my tour. The already low morale of the troops sank even lower. The potential for change offered by these three charismatic leaders has been snuffed out before our eyes. The war drug on for seven more years At it’s conclusion we had not achieved “Peace with honor” as President Nixon wanted us to believe. No, we, the strongest power in the world, had lost both the war and 58,000 American military lives. The final chapter of this sad scenario happened when President Nixon resigned in August 1974 following the Watergate scandal.
    Itruthfully think that America has never fully recovered from the events of these eleven years. (1963–1974) Seeing Senator Kennedy receiving such as ovation, as he returned to the Senate floor brought a tear to my eye. Just think how the course of history would have changed if John, Martin, and Robert had lived out their lives!!! Pray for their departed souls and for the soul of this nation–if we still have a soul to pray for.

  7. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Allow our University education professors to evaluate the Praxis ,NCLB computorized exam testing! Vote on the exam content and line up of these exams for review. Missing the cut off requirement by one and two points ? As if this is making a difference for an effective ,highly qualified teacher under NCLB ?About as much as teaching to a test and we have heard Obama say he doesn’t want teachers teaching to a test. With the medical concerns Kennedy is experiencing will he remain the chair person on re-authorization ? If not will Clinton and then we’ll end the mandates ? Clinton takes on NCLB and the game just ended !

  8. Peace Out For Unity says:

    That was a sad story up there to read ! The last steak dinner before my brother is sent to Vietnam. Ugh ! Moms crying and dad’s all choked up ! His head of hair all shaved off and didn’t quite understand it all and to young. The sixties ? Obama and Clinton are the most exciting political figures I’ll remember other than Bill Clinton and got excited when he won and inspired. Couldn’t imagine something happening to Obama or Clinton ! Ugh,don’t want to even go there ! Thanks for being there and fighting for our generation ! Now it’s our turn for change and to believe in our govt. again for hope and all the possibilities you guys helped create ! 911 and Iraq now ? They’re firing on our soil ? Medicare and social security ? Global warming ? Energy independence and running out of gas ? A “D” in public education and we’re almost bankrupt with this NCLB and the no funding ! By the time we’re 60 we’ll be lucky if there is medicare and let’s get moving on Universial Health Care ! Hillary bettter be the vice president in all this and don’t let anything happen to them ! Kennedy will be fine,he’s like John Wayne ! Saddle up little pilgrams and let’s ride back in there on NCLB ! He’s on the HELP team and that’s what the call letters for reauthorization on NCLB are but it stands for something else. Clever aren’t they ?Yeah we need help and have a “D” percentage in education. 10 % ? Oh no and that’s not working ! We are so tired of being broke and busted, tin roof rusted in education it’s not even funny !

  9. Thanks for your kind words,”Peace”. Time goes so fast. I am now 64 but these terrible events of the 60’s and 70’s seem just like yesterday to me. You have a lot of good ideas. Perhaps with involved younger folks like you, there is still a chnace for the future.!! Buzz

  10. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Just read something and I’m not sure if it’s political perspective of valid speculation or bullshoot in a bucket to cause more confusion for the Obama and Clinton team. On July the 8th Rush who hosts a political talk show says, according to his sources, Hillary Clinton would become the presidential nominee. Hillary has not conceded or released her delegates and the official nominee will not be decided until Aug. at the Denver convention when the delegates cast their votes. 175 delegates and Clinton is the nominee! Is there some fact and hope in this ? Go check out the campaign cartoons on the Clinton forum ! Laughter is the shock absorber of life ! CNN tonight on ,”The Clinton’s Never Quit.” We may have some firecrackers going off about this and what do you think ?

  11. Peace Out For Unity says:

    I’m for selling those cartoons to help pay off the debt and if she changes her mind ,let’s go ! Grab the fire crackers and happy belated fouth of July ! We have some left we didn’t fire off !