California Still Ravaged By Fires

For longer than it seems possible, California been fighting wildfires far before the fire season was supposed to start. From the Santa Barbara/Goleta area of Southern California to the Northern vast areas, every wildfire firefighter from many states is on the line from many states working their hearts out trying to save family homes. They risk their lives daily.

Sometimes they are successful and sometimes not. This young lady, and her father, is looking at a photo in the local newspaper, the Chico Enterprise Record, of the charred remains of her family home.

Here are links to just two of hundreds of stories (here and here) that cover a wide area of the state. Remember, if you can wrap your mind around it, California had over 1,300+ lightening started fires at one point.While a much lower number of over all fires now, over 300, some are gigantic within regions. In one area Central Nothern California, the fires have combined to burn over 76 square miles. The biggest fire in So Cal has burned an enormous area, well.

Let’s not forget to keep the ground based firefighters, the totally amazing hot-shot firejumpers and the heroic aerial bombardment crews in our hearts. They risk their lives so others can remain safe. Sound too melodramatic? Not if you’ve fought fire yourself more than once and, recently been forced to evacuate a ranch in Orange County, CA., under fire orders. If you want to know more, Google has hundreds of news reports from different sources here.

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