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Going through some life changes around here and adapting to a new schedule and still finding time to slack off for my mental health (needed some extra time, yesterday, after the FISA bill passed the Senate), so I have been shirking my Round-Up duties.  But, I don’t want to get out of practice (being a slacker is a temporary occupation if I have anything to say about it), so I couldn’t help but offer up today’s Ten Post Round-Up.

  1. If you think Obama’s potential First Lady has issues, you should check out the other candidate’s ol’ lady…

23/6 – News: Yoo-hoo, Fox News! We have a juicy story about a potential First Lady for you!
Brave New Films has compiled all of Fox News’ trangressions against Michelle Obama into one horrific video. And while the clips are old, the shock from their sheer volume is new.

2. Just like with drugs, keeping it illegal is not making it go away.  But, it does keep people who are hurt by it from coming forward when really bad things happen.

Alternet: Jamaican Health Officials Call for the Legalization of Prostitution
As with most hidden acts, in particular those of a sexual nature, attempts to bring them to light are met with vehement opposition from moralists, who fear the impact that such exposures will have on already “decaying” societies.

 3. Something that keeps Dizzy up at night with SSG Dizzy being so close to the likely aftermath of such a thing.

Bring It On!: Here’s Something to Truly Fear
What Gary North and I fear most anymore isn’t terrorists, it isn’t Peak OIl, it isn’t even my own government (though they are high up on the list), it is an Israeli attack on Iran.

4. McCain has a little trouble bringin’ the funny…

The Carpetbagger Report: Note to McCain: comedy is hard
I’d just add that McCain’s use of humor has been problematic for quite a while.

  5.  This is an interesting reversal, in light of whom they have allowed to campaign in the past.

ColoradoPols.com:: No NASCAR Campaigning? Dang
Watch out, racing fans.  According to an article in Politics Magazine posted yesterday, one of the owners of NASCAR tracks, the International Speedway Corporation (ICS), has declared that no campaigning will take place at any of the tracks they own – including those in Daytona and both candidates’ home states.

  6. Who needs those pesky fourth amendment rights, anyway?

Just a Girl in short shorts talking about whatever: Slick Barry Obama and Democratic Shame
Today the Democrats in the Senate gave the drafters of the Constitution the finger, and passed the FISA bill with a grant of amnesty to the telecoms.

 7. &%$#ing bold and yet so %$#@ stupid (not to mention seriously illegal)!

Perez Hilton: This Is Not A Joke
According to reports, 18-year old Christian Phillips is suspected of delivering drug-laced cookies to about a dozen police departments in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

  8. More people out of the closet, less need for gay/lesbian hangouts?

Reason Magazine: Is the Price of Freedom the Closing of Lesbian Bars?
Rubyfruit Bar and Grill, a 14-year-old establishment catering to lesbians is closing because the closet just isn’t as full in these Sodomite end of days:

 9.  Wow.  Jus’ wow!

Talking Points Memo: Beliefs
L.F. Eason III gave up the only job he’d ever had rather than lower a flag to honor former U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms.

 10.  And the hits jus’ keep on comin’…

wcbstv.com: N.J. GOP Club Removes Obama-O.J. Slogan
A local Republican Club in New Jersey has removed a slogan from its Web site that read, “Obama loves America like O.J. loved Nicole.”

“Karma usually has a wingman.”

(Let me know in comments if I missed anything).

(Official “GWB Presidency Is Toast” Counter) 

(Don’t forget to refill your morning cuppa…)
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