Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Thanks to Phil Gramm for reminding me of something I forgot, being a member of a “nation of whiners”, I tooks some time to do just that (thanks to those wonderful people who took the time to listen). Truthfully, though, I prefer to do my whining via blogging, so what better place to do that than through today’s Ten Post Round-Up (cue the “wah-mbulance”).

1. “The answer to speech you don’t like is always more speech.”

AlterNet: Why Obscenity Laws Must Be Fought
What’s defined as healthy sexuality in this country is narrowly defined and schizophrenic — and the government should not have final say.

2. Just imagine the sales in munchies, alone!

duckplops – Bottles ‘N Boo

Relax It And Tax It

That’s the motto behind a new cannabis initiative that would allow Oregon’s state-controlled liquor stores to legally sell marijuana to adults.Initiative backers said their plan would send 90 percent of the proceeds from the state’s sale of marijuana to Oregon’s General Fund, which could lower Oregonians’ state tax burden.

3. Not. Holding. My. Breath.

The Huffington Post: Pelosi: House Judiciary Committee May Hold Impeachment Hearings
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said this morning that the House Judiciary Committee may hold hearings on an impeachment resolution offered by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio).

4. I couldn’t agree more…

Joanne Jacobs: Boys won’t be girls
In her forthcoming book, 21st Century Boys, Palmer calls for more opportunities for boys and girls to compete, take risks and “muck about.”

5. Should the federal government be about the business of regulating what language US citizens MUST speak?

LewRockwell.com Blog: Language and the National State
I must admit I am also bothered when Obama says every American should learn Spanish. Here’s my take on it (which of course both left and right would not find satisfactory): I want a separation of language and state. No official language. No two official languages. No efforts by the government to promote or dilute culture or language of any type.

6. Like I always say, “behind every dark cloud, there is a twisted silver lining…”

The Onion: Economy Down, Crimestoppers Tips Up
Henry Wakeman,
Fruit Picker
“This is quite a quandary. I need to purchase a Stop Snitching shirt and DVD, but I can’t afford them without calling Crimestoppers.”

7. Prepare yourself for more grotesque stories like this as more people look for cheap (albeit sick and twisted) thrills.

Perez Hilton: Corpse F***ing

It turns out three men in Wisconsin have been charged with trying to dig up a corpse and have sex with it!!!!


Whatever happened to a good ol’ fashioned blow up doll???? Or YOUR HAND????

8. Most racism does not appear through blatant name-calling or obvious cross-burning.

Racialicious: Because Blatant Slurs Aren’t Good Enough
Tomeika Broussard thought it was so absurd when she overheard her supervisor refer to her as a “reggin” that she just laughed. Then she realized it was the n-word spelled backward.

9. The bad news is that local highway funds are running low on cash, because people drive less, therefore they fill up less, therefore, gas tax dollars are not rolling in (typical backfire: when government tries to benefit by taxing an activity, like driving, when that activity becomes unpopular, they have to find something else to tax to make up lost revenue…could toll booths for sidewalks be in our future?)

Signs of the Times News: Good News about $4 Gas? Fewer Traffic Deaths
As unwelcome as they are, higher gasoline prices do come with a plus side – fewer deaths from car accidents, says a researcher at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

10. If only our legislators would do their jobs, we wouldn’t need the ACLU.

t r u t h o u t : ACLU Will Challenge FISA Bill in Court
As the Senate voted to endorse a Bush-administration backed plan to expand its surveillance authority and grant retroactive legal immunity to telecommunications companies that facilitated warrantless wiretapping, the American Civil Liberties Union unveiled plans to challenge the new law in court.

“Karma usually has a wing man.”Am I forgetting something? Let me know in comments.

(Official “GWB Presidency Is Toast” Counter) (Don’t forget to refill your morning cuppa…)
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One Response to Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Ah, legalize and tax.

    Conservatives believe in “States Rights” when it comes to getting things they want made legal to be able to get a foothold in society.

    When it comes to stiffling behaviors they find to offend their sense of “values”, it’s all about the heavy hand of the federal government.