The Dem Daily’s Very Bad Google Day

I had plans to take a much needed day off today and spend the day at the beach. That was until a reader emailed me that Google has The Dem Daily blocked as a website that may have MalWare on it. 8 hours later, after pouring through the source code, the php, the posts, I found the offending source code and removed it. Google, who supposedly reviews quickly and removes the block, has not removed the block yet.

If readers are finding their way here through Google and by passing the warning, The Dem Daily is clean. We’re waiting for Google to lift the block — PLEASE.

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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6 Responses to The Dem Daily’s Very Bad Google Day

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    The PUMA movement ? Or just say no deal ! Clinton’s debt is almost paid off and the movement wants her at the convention in Denver. This was started by Will Bower and he was on Fox News about the movement . “Party Unity My Ass” It took off so fast around the country and just started on the fourth of July ! They’ve raised 10 million dollars in what ,a few days ? Went to the HillaryClintonforum and had no idea what was going on with all this PUMA ,party unity my ass stuff . Not supportive of the “unity my ass part” but oh my gosh, this is great ! If you haven’t seen this go check it out ! “Like a snowball rolling down the side, of a snow covered hill….it’s growing,” We don’t know what Hillary is saying about all this yet and it wasn’t her idea or her campaign that was in charge ! The movement wants her voice at the convention and the debt is almost paid off ! Four or five days and 10 million dollars? Amazing ! The kids will be at school saying,”party unity my ass.” Re-direct to, the movement is called “Just say no deal” or Puma ? Who knew, this has taken off so fast across the country ! In the end we’ll all scream, peace out for unity ! What’s Clinton going to say about all this ? She’s not going to like the party unity my ass part probably but this ia a people movement that believe in their voices being heard at the convention in Denver ! A feel good movement to be an american ! Have you heard about this yet ? It’s huge and growing ! How was the beach ? Hope you made it ! View Fox News and think Lou Dobbs will be on it soon !

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Offending source code ? This isn’t that FISA kicking in already is it ? Just in case,I’m for protect this country !

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Just Say No Deal started 559 hours ago and the money to help pay Clinton’s debt is unreal in just a short amount of time ! Hillary Clinton.are you going to Denver ? Where is Anderson Cooper ? They take the week-end off !

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Just say no deal ? Go read the blog ! Look,it’s not real positive for Obama and they don’t want him president. The pegan inferences of written reference on this blog directed at Obama is going to be a fuss.Go read it and make your own decision but my hat’s off to the money they’ve raised to pay off Clinton’s debt..

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    How about a movement called the Donkey Americans ? Unity in the end but Clinton heads for the convention and the voices across america are heard in Denver ! Respect the efforts of PUMA and their free thinking movement. The money to pay off Clinton’s debt in such a short time is incredible.However,after reading more and research,I’m just not a PUMA. They paid off the debt and the American Donkey’s pay to get her there ? We buy the $50.00 t-shirts and go to Is she going ? Unity is important in all this but so are the voices across this country. Tell Polling Point what you think ? I hope she doesn’t concede and goes to that convention ! 175 delegates vote Clinton and she asks Obama to be her vice president !

  6. Peace Out For Unity

    Hillary has already conceded. I highly doubt that will change regardless of the movement of supporters to get her to change her mind.

    She’ll be at the Convention, it may not be in the capacity that PUMA’s would like to see her there, but she WILL be there. That is a given. I think we’ll also see some of the finer points of her platform morphed into Obama’s platform by the time the Convention is over.

    No beach for me this weekend… Maybe next…