Dream On Mr Governator

California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger may be more progressive on environmental issues than many of his Republican counter-parts, but this some wild fantasy, in my opinion:

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said in an interview aired Sunday that he would be open to the idea of serving as energy czar in a Barack Obama administration.

Regardless of whether he takes that particular job, Schwarzenegger, a Republican, added on ABC’s “This Week” that he’s now committed to continuing public service even after he leaves Sacramento.

It’s incredibly far-fetched that Obama would even consider Schwarzenegger for the role of “energy czar” when there’s a wealth of Democrats far more qualified than Schwarzenegger. Of the top of my head, Schwarzenegger doesn’t hold a candle on environmental issues to Democratic Party environmentalists like Al Gore, John Kerry and Barbara Boxer.

Schwarzenegger should stick with the acting… He’s only been playing the role of Governator here in California and it has been no Oscar winning performance.

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2 Responses to Dream On Mr Governator

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  2. Darrell Prows says:

    Pamela: I saw that piece and Arnie presented himself well. Of course the setting was extremely one sided.

    My fear is that he may be being groomed to be the new face of BUSHCO. A rabid right winger is never going to cut it, but even slowing the move to the left is worth many trillions, and someone who seems basically reasonable might be able to pull that off. Arnie was smooth and bright, but I was left wondering if there was any real substance, or if we would just be getting an intelligent Reagan.

    I guess we’ll know for sure if we get a big move for a Constitutional Amendment in about six years from now.