Obama, Religion and The Race

The Democratic presumptive presidential nominee, Barack Obama, has made his personal religious beliefs one of the central parts of his campaign. This has brought praise from many and condemnation from some. The evangelical Right, in the person of James Dobson, is certainly objecting saying that Senator Obama has ‘distorted’ The New Testament and Christianity.

Here is Newsweek’s cover story for the July 21, 2008 issue, written by Lisa Miller and Richard Wolffe with Sarah Kliff, Barack Obama’s Christian Journey . It is comprehensive and balanced. Democrats, Independents and Disaffected Republicans would do well to read this article about a remarkable journey to faith.

The last lines are surely the truth: “As the general election wears on, Obama will have to summon all of his faith, in all of its complexity. Few things in life are harder, or messier, than the last months of a presidential campaign.”

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9 Responses to Obama, Religion and The Race

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    God Bless Obama and his family with God as his captain.Especially if Hillary Clinton decides to head to convention and the final finish line ! Still don’t understand ,The Trinity Church of God and the pass the smelling salts sermon of Rev. Wright . Hope Obama and his family have found another church they can reflect quietly with God . Have you seen CNN catching Rev. Jackson’s comments directed at Obama yet ? Opps there it is and he did apologize. I’m not sure he recognized the the audio and camera man was rolling.The inferences and adjectives Jesse Jackson used under his breath ? Well,you make your own decision when you see it and pray ! Just have hope Obama is straight with God if he’s running this country and he’s going to need God to get him through it ! The American Donkey’s are praying to sell enough $50.00 dollar T-shirts to pay for the fuel in a fast jet , taking Clinton to Denver. All the way to the finish line and delegates cast your votes ! DNC take a BC ! It works for a headache ! We’ll scream unity in the end but change your mind and let’s head for the finish line, in this tight race ! We’ll keep the faith for Voices Across America !

  2. Senator Obama continues to impress me. He not only talks his faith, he llives it. He had been criticized by his supporters due to his performance in his last debate with Senator Clinton. If you recall, the entire first hour of the debate centered on Hillary’s character assassination of him. (the lapel pin, Reverend Wright, and political associations) Obama did little, if any, sparing with Hillary on these overblown, inconsequential charges. Thus, he was criticized by his base for not defendng himself. At a press conference, the next day, he alluded to the fact that these non-issue attacks went off his back–like water off of a duck’s.
    The way he and his wife conduct themselves convinces me that they are diciples of Christ. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying he can walk on water. However, as my pastor often states, ” It’s easy to talk the talk but far harder to walk the walk”
    People like Reverends Dobson, Jackson, and Sharpton, continue to use religion as a wedge issue. To them the purpose of Christianity is not to bring people together but to fuel their differences! There remain hundreds of preachers from their generation who fail to follow the Biblical instruction of , “Judge not, least ye be judged.” It is evidenced by his books, his words, his family, and his DEEDS that his in not a new brand of Christianity. His is simply the brand of Christianity which does not come from the mouths of evangelical ministers but instead from the mouth of Christ Himself! Buzz

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    I don’t want to make too shard a point because he’s mostly on our side, but the fact is that Obama is still just a politician. I don’t consider that to be the worst label to attach to a person by any means, but it certainly doesn’t qualify as any kind of a true compliment in my book. More of a necessary evil, really.

  4. Buzz

    That last debate, while it is pointless to discuss at this point, it was the media who brought up those issues you mention, not HRC. The media did both of our candidates a dis-service that night and unfortunately Obama got flustered in the midst of it. But, hey, he’s the nominee, so lucky him and lucky longtime Obama supporters.

    As a spiritualist and not a religious follower, I tend to feel that people shouldn’t hoist their faith on others. While Obama’s outreach utilizing his faith to attract Christians is good for the party in bringing these folks back to the Dem Party, it can tend to be a bit much for those who aren’t or who may be of a different faith.

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Honestly,Clinton took the high road when the Obama and Rev. Wright ordeal was going on. Those were Obama’s questions to answer and not Clinton’s.In the first interview with Anderson Cooper, Obama was disingenous and the news caught him hard on it. He was between a rock and hard place with a speech a few days later that was good.. Speeches vs solutions and that’s an area Clinton did speak up about concerning Obama. “As the heavens part….” I laughed hearing her that day on speeches vs solutions ! He’s getting more specific when he explains his plan and he needs to thank Clinton for that .Has he found a new church yet and he left the Trinity Church Of God ? If you don’t believe me, I’ll pull out my notes BUZZ and wrote it all down.

  6. Peace Out For Unity says:

    St. Peter don’t you call me cause I can’t go……we gotta get Hillary to Denver on go ! Good night all !

  7. Sorry, folks. I did not mean to imply that Senator Clinton had posed these questions at the last debate. It was the moderators that were asking. The questions were not issue based and Obama did a skillful job in not replying. It’s my observation that Hillary conducted herself professionally throughout the campaign.

  8. Peace Out For Unity says:

    I’m not holding my breath she’ll change her mind and head to Denver. Probably back to the senate. Obama clarified tonight he was a christian .

  9. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Really don’t want the democrats to lose this election and but I’m still not over Clinton pulling out of this ! She was awesome at the convention talking about education ! I’m scared to death McCain is goig to win this and I’m trying to trust and give Obama my support. Lou Dobbs said he was scared tonight and worried about both of them.Politics is like the NFL ! When they hit I think they enjoy seeing the other smack the dirt !