Weekend Must Read: The Dark Side

There’s two weekend must reads on Jane Mayer’s new book, The Dark Side, The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals.

First check out the review by Andrew J. Bacevich, in the WaPo: Collateral Damage:

In The Dark Side, Jane Mayer, a staff writer for the New Yorker, documents some of the ugliest allegations of wrongdoing charged against the Bush administration. Her achievement lies less in bringing new revelations to light than in weaving into a comprehensive narrative a story revealed elsewhere in bits and pieces. Recast as a series of indictments, the story Mayer tells goes like this: Since embarking upon its global war on terror, the United States has blatantly disregarded the Geneva Conventions. It has imprisoned suspects, including U.S. citizens, without charge, holding them indefinitely and denying them due process. It has created an American gulag in which thousands of detainees, including many innocent of any wrongdoing, have been subjected to ritual abuse and humiliation. It has delivered suspected terrorists into the hands of foreign torturers.

Under the guise of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” it has succeeded, in Mayer’s words, in “making torture the official law of the land in all but name.” Further, it has done all these things as a direct result of policy decisions made at the highest levels of government.

And then head over to The Washington Note and read Steve Clemons’ piece: “STREAMING LIVE TUESDAY: Jane Mayer on the White House’s Heart of Darkness.” Steve will be hosting “a live streaming discussion with New Yorker Washington Correspondent Jane Mayer” about her new book on Tuesday.

Clemons says, Mayer’s new book, The Dark Side, is a “book Americans — particularly Congressmen and Senators who should be staging serious investigations — should read.”

UPDATE: Steve Clemons has a new post up this morning, including via advanced permission from Mayer’s publisher, Random House, a copy of the “press release that they are issuing Monday evening on the key findings in her book,” and a “roster of some of the revelations about the White House’s path towards embrace of a torture policy.” Read it all here.

The Dark Side is going on the top of my reading list.

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3 Responses to Weekend Must Read: The Dark Side

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Okay,ya got me and will buy it and read it ! Scary ! We need to sell those T-shirts and get Clinton to that convention and on the finish line ! No clowning around !

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    “They seized on the mood of national fear to institute a top secret,covert program that twisted or ignored 221 years of constitutional history.” Quote from the preview of the book,”The Dark Side.” I think they seized on the emergency to protect and defend and in 221 years of constitutional history, we have never had firing on our soil and much less New York City ! The Pentagon was on fire and oh my God ! What was Obama’s vote and position ? Respecting President Bush on his decisions in a crisis and emergency situation. Not a time to be arguing politics and he heard about it in front of young school children. That man’s reaction was calm,cool and collected.Most people would show some sign of reaction but he was calm and no reaction. It amazed me about him and not then but later when they show the re-winds and documentary on 911. God Bless The United States of America ! Where was Hillary Clinton ? Taking care of New York City and supporting the president in our nations crisis .

  3. Thanks, Pamela. The “Dark Side” sounds like a “must read” and I definitely will. However, I can’t understand why the tyranny of “The Decider”, elaborated on by Ms. Mayer, should be a surprise to any one. Countless other authors, beginning with ex-Treasury Secretary Paul O’Niel in “The Price of Loyality, have documented the disgraceful and un-constitutional deeds of the Bush regime. King George in eight years has turned our form of government from a democracy to a monarchy. Any of his administrative subjects who dare to disagree with him are immediately dismissed. He has proven over and over again than his ignorance and lack of morality have no bounds. (Hurricane Katrina etc. etc.) I served with the Army Intelligence Corps during the Vietnam War in the 25th Infantry Division. The one thing that was STRESSED in Intelligence training was that torture is the WORST way to extract information! A tortured prisoner is most likely going to give false information just to end his torture. In most cases, acting on wrong information get’s more GI’s killed than having no information.
    A large segment of American’s, however, need to be held accountable for permitting this mis-use of power. Many media outlets have said nothing. The majority of the voters in red states helped re-elect “The Decider” to a second term. In eight years neither the Congress or the Judiciary have acted to curb the Bush-Cheney abuse of power! Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on becoming Speaker in 2006, told us that, “Impeachment is of the table.” Why, why. why? Thus many have been compliset in allowing this to happen. King George, like no other President before him, was handed a blank check–and he used it. Shame, shame, America!! Buzz