Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Some days (particularly Mondays) require more than one cuppa. Today is one of those days.

1. Word for the day: transparency

BlackListed News: Kucinich Demands Congress Issue Subpoenas for Continuity of Government Plans
John Conyers has been issuing subpoenas on other issues, which may be important. However, what could be more important for Congress than determining whether or not the Constitution is still the controlling document for our country? What could be more important for Congress than determining whether COG planning documents strip Congress of its power, and give sole power to the executive branch?

2. If we add another battle front (cough-Iran-cough), we will need more “waivers” to fill the ranks…

Huffington Post: Greg Mitchell: Shocker: More than 1 in 10 Army Recruits Now Given “Moral Waivers”
In 2007, almost 10,000 recruits were granted waivers for past misdemeanors. over 2100 for “serious criminal misconduct” — over four times the 2003 rate – -and almost 1500 for drug or alcohol abuse.

3. Just another example of children being trained to be good little sheeple…thankfully, the appeals court did the right thing.

Joanne Jacobs: Strip search violated girl’s rights
To learn if Savana Redding was carrying over-the-counter pain pills such as Advil or Motrin, a school nurse told her to remove her clothes, including her bra, and shake her underwear. A classmate caught with ibuprofen had named Savana as her supplier. No pills were found.

4. Racism may be one reason more people of color do not seek appropriate/preventative medical care.

La Chola: The Politics of Pap Smears
But I also have a really hard time believing for even one second that if universal health care happened tomorrow, there’d be a dramatic increase of women of color going to get pap smears done. Universal health care=more women of color caring about health assumes so much about the lives of those women as well as the doctors they’d be going to.

5. I got good news and bad news. The good news is, we may be drawing down troops from Iraq (just in time for the November election). The bad news is, we will have to turn those same troops around to serve in Afghanistan (you know? That other war we are still fighting).

Minstrel Boy: U.S. considers increasing pace of Iraq pullout
“The The”Bush administration is considering the withdrawal of additional combat forces from Iraq beginning in September, according to administration and military officials, raising the prospect of a far more ambitious plan than expected only months ago.

Such a withdrawal would be a striking reversal from the nadir of the war in 2006 and 2007.

6. I do believe that Iraq is trying to tell us that we have overstayed our welcome…

Ramblings: Failed Negotiations- A GOOD thing
Most of all, the Iraqis are drawing the line. They are not accepting more of the same- or maybe even worse.
They are most vested in having an exit timeline for the occupation to end. I have always believed Iraq will not begin to settle down & recover, until the US occupation ends.

7. Wow! Two presidential candidates from Georgia. Two former congresscritters. Two different third-party choices. Things just got a little more interesting.

Reason Magazine: In the Penal Colony
Cynthia McKinney won the Green Party’s presidential nomination yesterday, bringing the number of former Georgia congressbeings in the race to two:

8. Mus’ be nice…

TaxProf Blog: Ford Sues IRS for $445m of Interest on Overpayment of Taxes
Ford Motor Co. is suing the federal government, saying the Internal Revenue Service owes it nearly half a billion dollars in interest for overpayments on corporate taxes

9. Hey, it’s not like our country is busy doing other things around the globe…

Think Progress: Bush backs Israel’s plan for strike on Iran.
The Times of London reports that President Bush “has told the Israeli government that he may be prepared to approve a future military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities if negotiations with Tehran break down, according to a senior Pentagon official”:

10. Note to SSG Dizzy: Scratch vacation to Canada

t r u t h o u t: US Soldiers Lose Haven in Canada
The Canadian government’s effort to remove Mr. Glass contrasts with the warm reception given to deserters and draft avoiders from the United States during the war in Vietnam. And although the war in Iraq has very little support among Canadians, the situation of Mr. Glass and others who abandoned their military positions provokes a wide range of responses. For American soldiers seeking an escape, Canada is no longer a guaranteed haven.

“Karma usually has a wing man.”

Am I forgetting something? Let me know in comments.

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(Don’t forget to refill your morning cuppa)

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