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I started to comment last night about the New Yorker’s sick and sad attept at satire with their most recent cover that has caused the “Uproar Of The Day.” I got waylaid last night and never did get to writing about the cover:


Atrios says it all:

The New Yorker cover could have worked if had made more clear who it was satirizing (Fox news, the Republican party, Rush Limbaugh, whatever), or by being clever enough to provide the actual funny. As it is it’s just a reflection of the Right’s view of Obama, but there’s nothing clever or funny about it. The cartoon could run as is on the cover of the National Review, also meaning to be “funny” but with a different target.

All of this doesn’t make the New Yorker public enemy #1, just makes them idiots of the week.

Jon Swift, one the great satirist’s of the blogosphere doesn’t even get it. The editors at the New Yorker truly are the “idiots of the week.”

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11 Responses to Uproar Of The Day

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Not sure if it’s Tomas Nast quality ? Who sketched the first and most famous political cartoon in US history? Benjamin Franklin’s,Join or Die in 1764 of which viewed in the Pennsylvania Gazette,May 9,1754.”The present disunited state of the Brittish Colonies.” Then there was the Federal Superstructure.What does the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists say about the above cartoon ? When Andrew Jackson ran for president in 1828,his opponents tried to label him a “jack ass” for his populist views and his slogan,”Let the People Rule.” A Modern Baalim and his ass back to ya ! Do the Woodywood pecker laugh,all together now ! The artist has artistic ability but most cetainly,off the chain. To many hours following politics and not sure he’s going to vote Obama. Times have changed ! We now identify with a new generation of political cartoonist ! “Let the people rule ! ” Is Hillary going to that Denver convention ?

  2. This magazine cover is an absolute disgrace!! The New Yorker has unwitting played right into the hands of McCain’s right wing supporters. Who ever was responsible should be disciplined. The magazine should then publish an apology to the Obama’s. If the New Yorker brain trust formulated this, they need a neuro-surgion ASAP!! Buzz

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Go to hillaryclintonforum,net and check out those cartoons ! Political cartoons have been around forever ! Some are mean and some are funny but I hope the Obama team comes back with a cartoon ! Can’t wait to see the cartoon comeback ! Draw a version of this one above and have a donkey kick it off the page.Have Obama in his always looking presidential suit and Mrs. Obama helping the donkey kick it off the page . Don’t put the flag in the fire place and draw George Washington or Obama’s favorite president re-creating the above cartoon. A political cartoonist contest ! Who has the best cartoon come back ? Get the Association of American Cartoonist to vote on a cartoon comeback selection !

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    The Obama team’s comeback ? Toughen up ! My lord ,have you seen the cartoons they have of Hillary ?

  5. kcowley says:

    Peace out- Have you joined us Pumas yet? Thought you might like to see this too. http://heidilipotpourri.blogspot.com/2008/07/offer-i-would-like-not-to-refuse.html

  6. Peace Out For Unity says:

    My point in this debate on the, “up and roaring” today is the democratic party wouldn’t even have the symbol of a donkey if it were not for a political cartoon. Are the rumors this above cartoon represents factual ? Rumors aren’t nice and we all know that but toughen up Obama’s team.You don’t come back on political cartoons like cry babies.Why let it bother you or let them know it did ? Saturday Night live ! Call Ringling Brothers and those wild cats are loose again ! All the kids are running around yelling “party unity my ass.” No,we’ll re-direct to American Donkey’s and support political cartoons because they’ve been around forever and a part of politics.Sometimes those cartoons are rude and not nice but if Obama wants to be president ? If rumors and cartoons bother you ? Good luck as president ! Those rumors this cartoon is representing are connections,background,religious beliefs of which Obama still needs to keep working on his campaign. We’re getting to know Obama . “Politics is choking good sense !” Bush just said that on CNN ! Could you imagine if President Bush responded like a cry baby over the rumors and cartoons about him ? Disconnect from all that and take care of running the country, cause that phone is going to ring ! I’m on the fence and want Clinton in Denver for the voices across america ! Politics is choking good sense ! I agree with President Bush on that one ! They just introduced Obama with an intelligent come back and Obama laughed a little ! We know what that introduction was all about and never mentioned the cartoon ! The introduction reinforced who Obama is ! Good job on the speech concerning Iraq Obama ! Then again,speeches vs solutions but he’s getting very clear on what he’s going to do ! Excellent ! Clinton must be helping him ! Do ya think maybe he needs to get to Iraq for the first time and check it out ? That was pretty much McCain’s response. Obama says McCain does not have a strategy in Iraq but one to stay in Iraq. Obama says,”accusation of surrender is a false rhetoric to justify a failed policy.” Obama will spend two billion to support displaced Iraqis.Obama will ask world bank ,EU,UN to support Iraq’s future. He’s also going to crack down on the poppy fields and the drugs.Obama co-sponsoring bill to triple non-military aid to Pakistan over ten years, Work with Russia on nuclear disarmament.Oil is a dangerous weapon and so is global warming. Investing 15 billion toward energy innovation ! Call T. Bone Pickins,he’s selling his ideas and plan ! Energy security ! Not worried now about a cartoon ! How much for education ? Pre-k- through third acedemy”s ? Obama will double foreign aid to 50 billion. A Modern Baalim and his ass is a great historical cartoon and hopefully the democratic party will yell unity in the end ! Obama re-directs back on a serious focus and is introduced on who he is ! Good job !

  7. Peace Out For Unity says:

    The Puma’s and Just Say No Deal ? My hat’s off to them for raising the money to pay Clinton’s debt off ! The money they raised in a few days was incredible ! Will Bower is a free thinking American as many of us are ! Just look out yelling,”party unity my ass ” in front of your little sisters and brothers.They pick all that up and take it to school. Some of the teachers following politics will know what’s going on and some won’t and if not, the little one will end up in the principle’s office ! Might anyway and it depends ! Parents are all over the country now explaining political cartoons and what satirizing means. That’s probably as little kids when we really started to understand the concept. Looking at the political cartoons and asking questions.The Puma’s and the Just Say No Deal teams are Hillary supportors and that’s alright with me ! Adult political and I’m worried about the little ones picking up on all the, “party unity my ass.” Some won’t understand but they’ll for sure pick up on that ! Had to be to ready with a come back fast but go cats go ! We’ll call Ringling Brothers if you get to wild at that Denver convention and be safe ! God Bless and no matter what the outcome, Hillary Clinton is a winner and always will be ! Go buy a $50.00 T-shirt ! If Clinton heads to Denver, I want to go too ! The last direction we heard from her, was sign up and support Obama for the democratic party. If she changes her mind ? Yeeha ! American Donkey’s will yell unity in the end !

  8. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Get the experts on all this foreign policy and fax CNN to get on it !Where is this general and hear from him and he’s in Iraq ! There are a lot of generals in all this and what do they say ?

  9. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Marines In War on CNN ! That’ll make you cry and God Bless those young men and women !” Take lots of socks and ya gotta keep your feet clean over here.” Now who’s crying over a cartoon and we need to laugh !

  10. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Obama is on CNN about this topic and good ! It was a short,fast flash ! “Attempted satire and not totally sucessful New Yorker .” Watch the introduction of the Iraq speech ! Almost say no more ?The end ! In other words, the New Yorker attempted satire with their political cartoon and then the Iraq speech and that introduction was an awesome comeback on this cartoon ! Still want to see Mrs. Obama looking vogue in a cartoon and Obama in a suit standing in front a fireplace and the picture above is Obama’s favorite president. Make sure Obama’s belt shines in the cartoon and his shoes !

  11. Peace Out For Unity says:

    It’s not just the american people and what the adults are thinking about with young people seeing that cartoon. Obama acknowledges the First Amendment and says,”It’s just a cartoon.” Obama said he’s seen worse and after two years on a campaign trail he’s tough”.It fueled misconceptions but hey,it’s a cartoon and not what the american people are spending to much time talking about. At the drug store an hour ago in line that’s what the moms were talking about ! The kids had to be sat down and they went through what a satire was. They went back and looked up historical political cartoons. The end !