Are Unhappy Dems on the Hill Planning to Switch Their Super Del Votes?

Politico reported today that Dems on the Hill are “miffed” at Obama:

After a brief bout of Obamamania, some Capitol Hill Democrats have begun to complain privately that Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is insular, uncooperative and inattentive to their hopes for a broad Democratic victory in November.

“They think they know what’s right and everyone else is wrong on everything,” groused one senior Senate Democratic aide. “They are kind of insufferable at this point.”

I don’t know if there’s anything to what our friend Alegre has to say about the Politico piece and the rumor that Eight Supers Switching to Hillary. I’m not big on the rumor thing and I really believe it’s important to support the nominee… But, I guess time will tell…

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14 Responses to Are Unhappy Dems on the Hill Planning to Switch Their Super Del Votes?

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Not sold Clinton isn’t going to Denver ! Maybe because I don’t want to be ! Deep down, where ya know it counts,just don’t want to be ! DNC ? Campaign laws and proceedures ? Convention? Going to ask the train station if we can run a very long banner that says,ALL THE WAY TO THE FINISH LINE CLINTON ! GO DELEGATES AND DNC,TAKE A BC ! SORRY OBAMA,WE CHANGED OUR MIND ! Keep the faith for Voices Across America !

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Pack the trains America and we’re going to Denver ! Saving on gas and energy ! Call T. Boone Pickins !

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    We’ll make it on solar energy and go Clinton !

  4. DEM says:

    it’s important to support the nominee

    He’s not the nominee yet.

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  6. As much as I liked the Clinton Administration it is time to stop, support the Party, leave your ego at home. If the Democrats don’t win this election the future of our Nation will be bleak.

  7. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Politial World ,respecting that more than you know but this isn’t ego it’s free independent thinking with heart and soul you don’t get paid for ! Bubble that ! We now have a lame duck president because the congress is out to lunch ! See Lou Dobbs tonight ! Obama= No details on education and McCain on school vouchers ! Re-wind Lou Dobbs tonight on education ! At least we got it on ! “Always vote for principle,through you may vote alone,and you may cherish the sweetist reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Quincy Adams ! Call T. Boone Pickins and we’ll sail into Denver on solar ! Some sharks have eyes similar to a cat ! A mirror like layer in their eyes allows them to see in murky water. Surf’s up McCain ! Vouchers ? What will our families and children do in failing public schools ? Look for political dolphins that want to fund a law that has bank rupted public education ! We don’t need more increased transparency ! You just insulted our creative,critical thinking skills ! Read the book Manufactured Crisis on the plane please ! Illegal voting ?Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! Bubble that ! Wasn’t it the elephants that came up with the vouchers ? Meanwhile the donkey’s came in with free choice ! You know what’s great about this country ? We have a choice and the first amendment still rocks ! End the mandates on NCLB ! Go Clinton ! Political World or NFL ? “When you get knocked down,get right back up ! “

  8. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Accusation of surrender is a false rhetoric to justify failed policy with the DNC and their leadership in this election ! Nancy P. on CNN tomorrow night ! “Never give up and when you get knocked down,get right back up ! ” Freight train rolled today ! “Whistle blowing”, foul ! Jump ball ! McCain on NCLB and vouchers ! “The federal government can not require a state or a school district,”to spend funds or incur costs not paid under this act. ” US Court of Appeals for the 6th district ! Ego ? This is heart and soul World Politics ! See Lou Dobbs tonight on education ! Go Clinton !

  9. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Illegal voting ? Oh No oooooooooooooooooooooooo ! Bubble that and view CNN tonight, Lou Dobbs !

  10. Peace Out For Unity says:

    He is not the nominee yet ! We want the finish line ! We’ll yell unity in the end ! To much at risk to quit now ! “Fight for what you believe in ! ” Let’s go Clinton ! $50.00 dollar t-shirts for sell !

  11. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Following all this on CNN ! Just cut it off and turned on some jams ! Lost mt sense of humor today and if I offended anyone my apologies ! McCain ? God Bless you and your team but your education speech was scary ! It totally ruined my day ! Felt my blood preasure go up and deeply care ! I miss Hillary Clinton and don’t think you or Obama know what you’re doing in education ! Thank-God for the First Amendment and the United States of America ! Pass the smelling salts !

  12. Peace Out For Unity says:

    President Bush is not a lame duck and congress, get back to work ! They will ! Thank-you for all you do ! “Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation;for tis better to be alone than in bad company.” George Washington ! That will conclude my rookie day engaged in politics ! Dick Clark ? We thought he was on American Band stand ! Thank-you former president Bill Clinton ! CIA and FBI did not support Bill Clinton”s efforts in Iraq ? Scary reality of truth ! Then they put up with behavorial disorder’s and enter Coulter ! Checked all that out for the first time following politics engaged and don’t want your book Coulter ! Not impressed with Katie and she interviewed Hillary Clinton ! Bill Clinton on Fox being interviewed ? Like the way Bill Clinton leans up and moves foward with what’s real and truth in his chair at debate ! Watch the body language of that Fox news character ! Ha ! No wonder Hillary Clinton laughed in the interview with the same news, smart … ! “Hyper ?” My conclusion ? God Bless America ! Review delegates and make the right decision ! Go Clinton ! We need a freight train to Denver for Hillary Clinton ! All Aboard !

  13. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Katie ! Just ask the questions and let the American public make up their own minds ! Can you as a communication major, help us out on that please ! It’s very important and you seem to be worried more about your coat !

  14. Political World

    I agree wholeheartedly. Now is the time to put a Dem in the White House or we will be in deep sh*t if we don’t.