We Really Blew It: Fumble in ’04 Cost Us Big Time

I think there is part of me that will always wonder “what-if” when it comes to thinking about John Kerry and the ’04 election. Why? Because as Margery Eagan puts it succinctly in an OP/ED today in the Boston Herald, “We really blew it.”

There’s are no if’s, or and’s, or but’s about it in my opinion. Eagan is on the money in her assessment. Kerry towered over the candidates in the field this time out in my opinion, and now we’re watching our nominee flounder and it’s painful as all hell for those of us who sit back and think, If only… If only… and “what-if“…

If“… We would be working to ensure Kerry got his second term right now. And “If“… We would not have endured four more miserable years of George W. Bush. That’s what-if.

But, John Kerry doesn’t want to be wistful, Margery Eagan says. However, those of us who have always known “we blew it,” can be for him, as Eagan was in her column today:

As Kerry rattled off one policy initiative after another yesterday, I kept thinking that his brain is about 100 times bigger than that of our foggy, confused, pushed around by his Machiavellian advisers, can-I-ever-get-a-sentence-out-straight embarrassment of a president.So Kerry’s a tough-to-warm-up-to stiff. So what.

We really blew it.

Eagan says in her piece that at “a meeting with Herald editors and reporters,” John Kerry “pointed out that he’d offered solutions back then to much of the mess we’re in now – a mess this administration has apparently given up trying to fix.” And, Kerry was far more “combative than wistful,” in discussing the mess that Bush is leaving us with:

I said it again and again in 2004,”Kerry said. “You can’t drill your way out of this (energy) crisis.”

But nobody’s dealing with the oil companies’ mega profits. “We do not have energy incentives in place. . . . Now the question is, how long and how painful” will recovery be?

Assuming we recover at all.

He said Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both incorporated pieces of his health insurance overhaul proposal – market-driven, by the way – that the federal government has ignored.

We’re moving “at a snail’s pace . . . or we’re going backwards” on just about everything, Kerry said. And there’s a “lack of conscience in what’s going on . . . The wealthy are beating their breast about patriotism” while investing in China or India or hiding their money in the Cayman Islands.

“I’ve never been more frustrated,” said a fit, rested and youthful-looking Kerry in an elegant navy summer suit.

We’re all frustrated along with you JK. This country is in quite a mess and to be frank, I had a lot more “hope” in ’04 than I do now.

Why? Because in ’04 we knew that “help is on the way.”  

Why? Because in ’04, we had a candidate that was far more qualified and one who’s “brain is about 100 times bigger” than not just the “embarrassment of a president” we got stuck with again when “we really blew it,” but it’s also “about 100 times bigger” and far more astute than the majority of his peers in Congress, in my opinion. That’s why. Kerry gave us policies with substance because he had years of experience to back them up.

Yeah… “we really blew it.”  

There’s more on Kerry’s sit down with the editors and reporters of the Boston Herald here, here and here. While we may not ever have the chance to see John Kerry in the White House, he’s a keeper in the Senate, in my opinion.

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3 Responses to We Really Blew It: Fumble in ’04 Cost Us Big Time

  1. John Stone says:

    This column made my day. If only John Kerry had become President, and I think he did win, this country and the world would be a much better place. John Kerry was right about EVERYTHING he said in 2004!! EVERYTHING!!!

  2. I totally agree!! The world would be a far better place today, if John Kerry had been elected. However, Senator Kerry’s eloquent and gentelman style was ill-suited with the likes of this administration of tyrany. Kerry from the very begnning did not seem to realize that he was up against political slime balls. He let the swift boat attacks go on too long before responding. Kerry always came off as being a genuine “Gentleman and scholar.” His campaign staff, like a deer blinded by headlights, seemed to realize far too late that they were fighting pure political slimebags. He lost by the smallest of margins. If he had been willing to take the gloves off and fight the Bush regime, he would have likely won. Very, very, sad. Buzz

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    It’s hard to get over it after you’ve really believed in Clinton and we were in the play offs. Respect Kerry and liked him. You didn’t blow it and that’s a negative reflection. You all did a great job and woked your…off ! He’s still young !