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These days it seems as if it’s a good time to invest in bicycles (to save gas money) and mattresses (to store your savings). At least, we can drown our sorrows in “hopsicles” and if we forget where we hid our money we can rely on our daily cuppa to refresh our memory. We may be a nation of whiners, but wouldn’t life be a lot simpler if the economy (and certain world leaders and/or those seeking the position) didn’t give us anything to whine about?

1. It’s true, you can’t please all the people all of the time. But, is it possible to abuse the privilege?

23/6 – News: Poll: Who’s Obama gonna piss off next?
With polls showing Obama losing his “glow,” every couple of days we’re finding out about another group who is getting a little pissed off at Barack.

2. Let it never be said that GWB didn’t leave behind a well-remembered presidency (not well-thought of but, definitely well-remembered).

Alternate Brain: Legacy of a Lunatic
From the beginning, Bush surrounded himself with incompetent cronies, yes-men, and sycophants with a lust for influence, and handed out positions of power to people whose blind loyalty was the only measure of their suitability. Qualities like honesty and strength of character were never assessed, and were in fact an obvious hindrance for those who aspired to the inner circle.

3. In other words, there is no end in sight for our already overburdened troops, regardless of who’s elected.

CommonDreams.org: Obama Promises 10,000 More Troops for Afghanistan
WASHINGTON – Barack Obama yesterday pledged to increase US troops in Afghanistan by a third if he becomes president, sending 10,000 more to reinforce the 33,000 already there.

4. Beans and ammo, folks…

duckplops: That She Felt The Need To Say This Means You Should Probably Withdraw
As of 7:15 AM my time the Dow is down 200 points and the dollar is a brick.

5. Because some legislators have nothing better to do than kill the fun for the rest of us, no matter how innocuous.

Just a Girl in short shorts talking about whatever: Clowns and Mormons Swinging on a Pole
But that’s the way these things get started—one minute they’re swinging on a pole, and the next thing you know the men will have to fix their own dinners:

6. Is it just me, or do today’s criminals seem to lack a certain…je ne sais quoi? Add stupid. Rinse. Repeat. D’oh!

Perez Hilton: Headline of the Weak Week
Chatty burglar overstays welcome, gets arrested

7. Get ready to invite mom and pops to come live with you…to help out with your mortgage payments…

PSoTD: Retirement Ain’t Gonna Be What Folks Were Promising
The happy talk has to go. You hear a LOT of people talking like they’re going to retire with essentially the same standard of living as they had when they were at full earning capacity. And you hear a LOT OF FINANCIAL ADVISORS talk as if Americans should expect to save enough to meet that expectation.

8. Kind of like going on Dr. Phil. Sure, we need to talk, but no truly effective action will be taken.

The Raw Story: Conyers may hold hearings, but plans no action on impeachment
While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still sees the prospect of actually booting the president from office as “off the table,” discussing the idea now at least seems OK.

9. These popsicles are NOT for the kiddies.

Reason Magazine: The Triumphant Return of the Hopsicle

After a year of negotiation, the “hopsicle” returnedto Rustico earlier this month. There’s also now a bill pending in the state legislature cementing the legal status of the frozen treat.
10. Make my morning cuppa a double!

Signs of the Times: Sleep loss produces false memories; But caffeine helps to boost accurate recall
Sleepless nights can increase your chances of forming false memories, according to researchers in Germany and Switzerland. But, as for so many aspects of life, it seems that coffee can save the day.

“Karma usually has a wing man.”Am I forgetting something? Let me know in comments.

(Official “GWB Presidency Is Toast” Counter) (Don’t forget to refill your morning cuppa…)
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