Hillary Clinton Distances From Anti-Obama Hillraiser

As some former Clinton supporters continue to press on with the idea that Hillary Clinton should be our nominee, the HuffPo reports today Hillary Clinton has distanced herself from at least one prominent “Anti-Obama Hillraiser,” Ricki Lieberman.

Lieberman is keeping her own private hope alive with a daily email blast to supporters, entitled “Electability Watch,” which features a cascade of negative articles and other items about Obama as a means to argue that superdelegates should change their minds in Denver and crown Clinton the nominee instead.

Lieberman’s “Electability Watch” emails about Barack Obama have been described as “disgusting” by a “tipster” who forwarded a batch of them to the HuffPo.

Seth Colter, reports on the HuffPo:

A spokesperson for Sen. Clinton implicitly distanced the candidate from Lieberman’s effort, telling the Huffington Post: “Senator Clinton fully supports Senator Obama. She continues to urge all of her supporters to get behind him. … She continues to do everything she can to rally folks behind him. We don’t support any effort that doesn’t.”

Personally, I don’t understand how Lieberman and other former Clinton supporters who continue to push mis-information about Barack Obama under the auspices of the “PUMA” movement, think they are helping Clinton.

I’m glad to see that Hillary Clinton is distancing herself from these “supporters.” She made it clear she had stepped out the race and was supporting Barack Obama as our nominee.

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23 Responses to Hillary Clinton Distances From Anti-Obama Hillraiser

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    It’s confusing and the PUMA’s helped by raising 10 million dollars in just a few days to help pay off Clinton’s debt. Last time I checked a fwe days ago, Will Bower was on and said they were at 10 million ? That’s incredible ! Free thinking and the First Amendment ! What I don’t understand is many are saying they won’t vote or will vote for McCain ! Personally,I’d love to see Clinton take it to Denver but not holding my breath she’ll change her mind and do so. Not supporting McCain ! Many are organizing a walk and the Denver convention. They believed Clinton would have made a better president than Obama and stll ih hopes she’ll be heard at Denver. Some are very upset with the DNC and think they’re trying to silence Clinton and her supportor’s voices . Not to mention FL.and MI. Doesn’t sound like she’s going to Denver but we’ll see ! What’s going on with Vogue Magizine and Mrs. Obama and Cindy McCain? CNN just flashed ? Neither one of them want their wives picked on and asking that you respect and leave their wives alone. Pick on them,not their wives !

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    This is a very historical election and close ! We have a lot of young people engaged and active in this campaign.Hats off to the big cats and the money they raised. “The party unity my ass part “? Oh lau ! What’s next ? Say watt ?

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    After McCain’s speech and those vouchers yesterday, I’m determined to laugh and have a nice day ! The young people on McCain’s team are working him on his educational views. They’re all great young americans ! After the sixties ? Oh please ! Every time Obama or MCain come in with something scary,I’m yelling for Clinton ! Go get Clinton and especially when it comes to her education agenda !

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Bill Clinton just threw his hat in to support Obama ! It’s over ya’ll and no more confusion ! It’s an Obama freight train to Denver !

  5. Paul V says:

    Obama is not right this Job, He going to be worse than Jimmy Carter & BUsh put together,
    How can people be so blind , Obama with Ryzko slum lord issues
    The Rev; Wright issue, that he lied about, the Jim Johnson who was on his team quit because of his Involvement Country Wide Scandal. His own wife hate America,
    And now Barack help passed the Fisa bill, He is going from far left to not just center but the right, His TV ads running in California, about Terrost with Nuclear weapons, He sound just like Bush Fear Mongering, ,
    When will American both Left and Right wake up about Barack Obama,
    He is an Empty Suit, he going to make Jimmy Carter look smart,
    He Running on Media Hype, because American Can not think for them selfs they like the Media telling them what to do, or your keeping up with the fab, of someone , the rockstar look celebrity, reallity shows wanna-be’s the rest of the world is laughing there as off about Americans watching our selves self destruct,, Racism On both sides between white and black , between Democrat & Republican, or even worse Democrat fighting with Democrats ,, This is America you can vote for who ever you want to, I voted for Hillary Clinton , but I will not vote for Barack Obama, We have 2 bad Candidates, I always said vote for who ever is better for the job, , and I have,, needless to say everyone I thought was better for the job were Democrats, And Now I am still sticking to my beliefs,, Barack or McCain, well I do believe barack Obama will make this country a lot worse, worse than Jimmy carter & bush put together, and like I said I did vote for Hillary, but now I am going to vote for McCain, Obama is flip-flopping way to much .
    People really need to get a clue and get involved in there country,
    This country is turning into a third world country, that goes with out saying,

  6. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Bill Clinton on the stump for Obama per news flash on CNN.Per Bill Clinton he and Obama had a good talk and he’ll be ready to go help campaign when they need him ! Pary Unity ! Blood is thicker than water and it’s like a family.My dad was an elephant and mom was a democrat. The entire family elephants and my mom faught for that Bill Clinton and the democratic party ! See why now ! CNN flashed Obama was taking the day off ?After McCain’s speech on education,good idea but why isn’t he on CNN having something to say about it ? What does Obama say about the voucher up roar ?

  7. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Good points to consider Mark but we gotta get on the freight to Denver and it looks like that o’l Obama we’ve all been raising hecks, bells about …is it ! FISA ? Yeah we know and Clinton didn’t sign off for that one ! That will come up again and bet they’ll have more information to make a better informed decision.National Security=FISA and I don’t have all the details but trust the decision Clinton made.Watch Obama’s speech on Iraq and he out lined his objectives very clearly.McCain says,get to Iraq first and check it out first. Fair point of debate ! RACISM ? LACK OF INTELLIGENCE OF MIND ,BODY,HEART AND SOUL !We learned from the lessons of the sixties and let’s move on for unity ! Obama isn’t with the Trinity Church of God and Rev, Wright and he proclaims God and being a christian. You will not vote for Obama ? So,you want four more years of the same ? Oh lau and hope you’ll reconsider but it’s a free country and respect your position . FREIGHT TRAIN IS ROLLING FOR OBAMA TO DENVER ! ALL ABOARD ! Get over there Mark and let the Obama team know what you’re thinking to make a difference, To quit now because Clinton didn’t win ? No ! Get over there and make a difference ! Agree to disagree ! It’s hard cause you believed in Clinton but think about four more years and the issues you supported for Clinton. That’s where Obama is and who knows ,maybe we’ll luck up and she’ll be vice president. Pelosi on CNN !

  8. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Bless your heart on Fl. and MI.? Have a lot of Americans lost faith over the way that was handled ? Survey says ? Pelosi says the president is total failure ? No he’s not ! They are pushing for our emergency oil reserves to lower gas prices. TO ONLY BE USED IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY ? Pelosi says were in an emergency ! 75% of the american people do not approve of congress or does Bush !

  9. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Mark, Mrs Obama does not hate America and she clarified all that very well. She’s fun,funny and intelligent ! She’s going to be a first lady I bet we all love to death ! She was on THE VIEW and just wonderful. Personality and real ! You feel her passion for the country and the possibilities to believe in for change and hope.I bet she’s got something to say about that cartoon but Obama won’t let her.

  10. Actually, I object to you saying that the PUMA people are spreading lies.

    This is absolutely not true. They are spreading little covered facts.

    Are there members that spread BS, sure, but there were Obama supporters spreading all sorts of hatred and vitriol all over the net for the last year and a half.

    The PUMA movement has been surprisingly restrained, forthright, and honest.

    You should see the vitriolic bullcrap PUMA’s put up with coming from Obama supporters. It is horrendous. Even non-PUMAs that were the least bit critical of Obama got treated with more than disdain… Tavis Smiley for instance, he had to quit the Tom Joyner Show because he was recieving death threats.

    A blogger named TexasDarlin has gotten multiple emails calling her a racist, threatening her kids, and people wishing that she died a painful cancerous death…

    Darraugh Murphy, head of PUMApac (one of 350+ puma organizations), recieved death threats last week.

    And so to call us the cultish liars that are out of control is a terrible lie, just out and out untrue.

    There are 3 reasons PUMA exists…

    1. The sexism in the campaign

    2. The actions of the party, specifically the RBC committee’s travesty of electoral justice

    3. The horrendous and shameful conduct of the Obama camp and their supporters.

    Please feel free to drop by my PUMA blog and point out a lie… If you can prove anything untrue, I am more than happy to print a retraction and a public apology.

    Texas Hill Country

  11. Texas Hill Country

    I’ve read the claims on the PUMA blog. It’s interesting that some Clinton supporters say they have been threatened and others have not been. Something to think about?

  12. Peace Out For Unity says:

    The Hillary Clinton tree and her branches and leaves flying off in different directions ,metaphorically speaking.There is no chain saw runiing on the tree and we all wanted Clinton with concerns expressed about Obama. It was like a basketball game and the play offs.We didn’t win and every one is raising …in the locker room mad,upset,throwing water bottles and kicking the trash can. Go take a cold shower and be a good sport. No one is lying ! Will Bower is a part of the Clinton branch and he’s not voting Obama. He said on FOX some of his team met with McCain.”Party Unity My Ass” did a great job on the Clinton campaign and raised tons of money to pay off her debt ! The PUMA’s are and have also been dedicated Clinton supportors.The sad part is the game is over and it hurts and scares many to support Obama and some are in hopes she’ll head for Denver and change her mind. Is that causing confusion within the core of the democratic party ? That’s America and you can vote for who ever you want to but stop kicking the trash can in the locker room. Compare Clinton and Obama on the issues and they are close. FISA ? Yeah we know but bet that one comes up again ! We don’t want a chain saw on the tree and get over to the Obama camp and make a difference for the Democratic party ! McCain or not voting ? Oh come on, and you just turned your back on the campaign Hillary Clinton worked her heart out for as well as all of her supportors engaged in seeing her win voting for McCain. Still, that’s why they call it the United States and you can vote for who ever you want but personally will vote and staying with the democratic party. Excited Clinton’s out and Obama’s in ? Heck no but focus on the issues and what’s at risk if the elephants win the White House and that’ll help some or just make you mad and so, kick the trash can againif it makes ya feel better. Hope you make the train to Denver for Unity ! Yesterday I was still pushing that for Clinton but Bill Clinton’s speech today ? Ballgame is over and Clinton isn’t going to Denver or will be in the race for president,that I’ve heard,how about you ? Go make a difference on the Obama team or maybe not but don’t grab the chain saw for the tree you helped grow !

  13. Peace Out For Unity says:

    It’a a beautiful tree ! In five years the polar ice caps are at risk of melting. Say watt ?

  14. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Tomorrow it’s UFO week-end on Larry King ! Say Watt ? ET phone home ! Don’t kick that trash can to hard now and ET might be in it ! Go on over to that McCain team and try to get along on the issues. You might be back ! Four more months of all this ?

  15. Darrell Prows says:

    If Hillary Clinton is so stupid as to back Obama, why does anyone think she would be okay for President? It sounds like even if it were Clinton v. McCain. we would all have to go for McCain.Not!!!

    Will the real trolls please not let the door hit their ass on the way out of here.

  16. Philip Meyer says:

    Is Hillary’s public support of Barack sincere?
    A new poll in California reinforces the message that Barack doesn’t need Hillary as his Vice-Presidential nominee. An analysis of the Field poll suggests “[a]mong Democratic voters, Hillary Clinton’s presence on the ticket doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Only one in 10 say they’re concerned about whether she’s chosen to run as vice president.” This is a state she won easily in the primary. If this isn’t evidence the “pick Hillary or else” crowd is vocal but small, I don’t know what is.

    Several pro-Clinton blogs are crowing about a supposed canvassing of superdelegates that revealed eight who committed to Barack would vote for Hillary in a roll call vote. This appears to be wishful thinking, but even if true, she’d need plenty more to switch to seriously threaten Barack’s nomination.

    More than likely, this really part of a campaign to force Barack to make Hillary his “co-President” although her official title would be Vice-President. An Op-Ed in the London Guardian hit the nail on the head with the question “will Hillary and her sulking supporters successfully blackmail Obama into choosing Hillary as his running mate?” The media in this country have not really picked on the shenanigans of Hillary’s supporters nor have they focused on the glaring gap between Hillary’s sucking up to Barack in public and what is apparently going on behind the scenes. Hillary has only “suspended” her campaign. Traditionally when a candidate drops out and endorses the front runner, they release their delegates but Hillary has not done so. Suspending her campaign has also allowed standing to rise by keeping her out of the limelight. Once Hillary dropped out of the race, her negative press coverage ended and even many journalists who had been critical started singing their praise of Hillary. At the same time, Barack faced continued media exposure and had to make some tough decisions. I happen to think Barack voted correctly on the final FISA bill, others don’t but it is clear the easy vote for a Democrat was “no.” Hillary almost certainly would have voted for passage had she been the nominee but knowing the bill was going to pass and free from the burden of being the nominee she took the easy path in an attempt to burnish her credentials with progressives who opposed her and voted in the negative. Naturally, there is some second-guessing about Obama and while Hillary publicly butters up Barack, the implicit message is “hey, I’m still available.”

    When is the press going to pick up on Hillary’s game?

  17. Peace Out For Unity says:

    The nuts are staying on the Democratic tree ? I’m not going there and poor Watch the VIEW on that one !

  18. Peace Out For Unity says:

    It’s over ! Let’s move foward and the “N” word is out ! It’s been buried and it’s dead !

  19. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Because the tree is tough and strong ! It’s a great Democratic tree ! What’s a troll ? Thought this was the locker room and we we’re all kicking the trash can upset Clinton isn’t going to be president. Turn on some jams and need to chill ! Where are those video’s with the music Pamela ? Think we’ve blasted Obama enough ! Now Darrell’s all mad ! Think we can get all this figured out on the train ride to Denver ? No mean kicking !

  20. Peace Out For Unity says:

    MEYER ? Do you have family you fuss with every once in a while ? My sister would cook the Thanksgiving dinner and oh lord ,they’d start on politics ! “Who needs more cooked turkey ?”Ha ! Left right,right left,be right ?,All aboard ! Don’t trip up on the train steps to Denver !

  21. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Hillary cooked and if she pushes back from the table and says by …. we’re going to Denver and calls her delegates then okay but right now, she hasn’t and pass the jams please ! Do we have enough coal left in the world to make it to Denver ? Good for Elizabeth on the View ! Pass a napkin and she’s crying over all the racial divide.

  22. Darrell

    “Will the real trolls please not let the door hit their ass on the way out of here.”

    Well said.

  23. Peace Out For Unity Said: on July 17th, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Music coming this weekend… I promise. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately.