Wes Clark Video On Afghanistan and NATO

This is part of the Talking Points Memo Media Team covering the Netroots Nation going on in Austin, Texas this week.

This a short substantive comment from a former NATO Supreme Commander, Gen. Wes Clark, on the potential for NATO’s involvement in Afghanistan.

He makes key points the nation needs to consider about what is at stake in the upcoming November election.

His comment about having a strategy for success alone makes this video worth watching:

My own take on the issue: First, lets put to rest any thought that Wes Clark is anything but the hardest working Democrat on the circuit. Since 2004, he has helped Congressional races raise money all around the country. He’s a man I know well. He’s a Democrat.

This interview was about the possible future involvement of NATO, an organization of 17 countries that must reach consensus before taking action, in Afghanistan. When you are hearing from the former NATO Supreme Commander on NATO issues you have to stop and listen. His point, which I have heard him make many times, is that the Bush Administration has damaged our relationship with every country in NATO. We have little influence except the power of our pocketbook. Clark is already on record calling for a deployment of more troops and assets to Afghanistan. He’s been talking about it for years.

Clark’s point in the interview is simple. We need a new administration that is willing to open the lines of communication and listen to our allies. The damage can be repaired. We can have a good relationship with the world. It will take Barack Obama’s new face, his new administration , a new attitude and a continuing, concerted effort. It will be done.

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16 Responses to Wes Clark Video On Afghanistan and NATO

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Wes Clark is for the elephants but respect this perpective and the video to research further to make a better infomed decision !Netroots ? Homework investigation prior to response !

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Explain your perspective on the topic Stuart ! It’s more than an ancient Japanese food made from soy beans. Cook the rice,poor it on and tell us more ! Add your Japanese mustard and two packets ! Netroots may be intelligent but do not support the core of the democratic party and often cause confusion ?

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    I’m like McCain on this but with a response to take the opportunity to think about the topic for evaluation and consideration ! 2 packets of tare to ya !

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Excuse me,perspective ? What is yours ? Mind flying faster than a key board of letters !

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    MSNBC 58 min. ago ..”.President Bush and McCain are playing catch up with Obama when it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan “however McCain and Obama finding common ground to agree concerning. More troops to support from Obama ! Waiting to see what Obama says when he returns on his steps and plan. Fair point made by McCain ! Secretary of State Rice on CNN with related subject on this topic.” US not flip flopping ! “( full interview on Sunday)

  6. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Secretary of State Rice says she will be happy to talk to her counter parts but suspend enrichment and re-processing !This is not just the United States and other countries have also signed on to agree and support the establishments position to suspend enrichment and re-processing. US is standing strong on Iraq policy ! What was the PF plus 1 she mentioned ? I have no idea ! Slow down Rice and we are trying to understand to make an informed decision in comparison between McCain and Obama in debate about our National Security. SUSPEND ENRICHMENT AND RE-PROCESSING ! Then we’ll be happy to talk with you any time ! That concludes what I heard from the secretary of state Rice on CNN. RE-WIND TO CLARIFY COMMUNICATIONS ! Aware of what’s happening on the ground Rice says is important. CNN flashes, “Time Horizon’s ” US DISCUSS TIME HORIZONS WITH IRAQ ? NOT UNTIL THEY SUSPEND ENRICHMENT AND RE-PROCESSING per Rice !

  7. Peace:

    We got to get you harnessed into writing articles that can be published.

    I’ll edit the post with my own take on the issue. Good idea.

  8. Peace Out For Unity says:

    McCAIN MAKES A REMARK THAT IS CAUSING AN UP ROAR ! McCain says, per CNN “the muslims are going to to kill us.” Clinton for vice president fast ! Or get to Denver for president ! Elephants stomp in for damage control and clarify what McCain really meant. He meant the radical Islamic muslims and we all apologize. Woff on CNN said he’s elderly and the experts did agree to give him the benefit of the doubt concerning these remarks made ? SAY WATT ?

  9. Peace Out For Unity says:


  10. Peace Out For Unity says:

    A parachute has a harness ? Okay I’ll jump out and hope you’ll eliminate all confusion when it comes to national security . Thanks Stuart ! Netroots ? Umm ?

  11. Darrell Prows says:

    Stuart: Please correct me if I’m wrong. The “Soviets” were in Afghanistan for an inordinate period of time, and paid an absolutely unacceptable price in terms of blood and treasure. And we are now following down exactly the same path because we are also trying to fight guys who almost aren’t really there and largely don’t care if they even die.

    The only way to win a “war” like that is to defund the other side.

    At the same time as we declare victory in the War on Drugs and come home is exactly the same time that we’ll be able to leave Afghanistan. Until then we remain our own worst enemy.

  12. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Is there confusion and contradiction ?Yes ! Bush says one thing and Obama says the other ! Then enter McCain and he and Obama don’t agree ! Never the less ,Bush acknowledges time horizons to start pulling troops out of Iraq ! Thought Rice recognized these time horizons in her interview today but made it clear we were firm on suspend and enrichment. Did they agree to suspend enrichment and re-processing ? Rice made mention of time horizons in the interview on CNN but made it clear several times, they would have to suspend enrichment and re-processing . Evidently the president did agree to these time horizons. You know who I’m trusting in all this confusion tonight ? Not Obama or McCain and president Bush, God bless you ! Our national security and all this contradiction and the politics playing to elect Obama or McCain ! Like the american public needs more confusion on their national security and safey after 911. Now reports are out that McCain breached security and said Obama would be in Iraq this week-end. I don’t believe anybody on this topic ! How do they know McCain breached security ? I doubt that and there is just to much … confusion flying on national security to make an informed decision ! We’re safe and Bush is on it while McCain and Obama go campaign ! God Bless the troops in Iraq ,commanders,our pentagon,our congress,senators, and the generals with special payers for parents that have their loved ones over there ! Find more common ground for unity ! This is when you really miss the clarity of Clinton ! Wes Clark thank-you and Stuart ,after researching this all day ! Oh and to top it all off ,the commanders have their perspectives ! God Bless America and I mean it ! CNN took up for Bush on Nancy Pelosi’s negative remarks about Bush ! Good ! Stuart,you need to explain all this in a way americans know what’s going on !

  13. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Troops surge in Iraq ? Obama and McCain don’t agree and McCain says Obama refused to even vote concerning and he remained silent per other reports ! McCain says, he hopes now that Obama is there he’ll support the decision after talking to the general.
    Yeah ! Listen to the general and he’s there and knows ! Sounds like McCain is listening to the general after experience in the military and okay ! Troops to teachers ! That’s awesome and they are going into the low performing neighborhoods. That’s great and thank-you ! Find those alternative schools and they need ya too ! Explain all this to the sixth graders ! They’re smart,engaged in this election and want to know ! Staying objective and neutral as possible on this topic ? Truth vs false and eliminate confusion ! One news article says one thing and the next you read will argue, the one you just read ! Playing political confusion with america and their votes ? Not ! Research facts before you believe it ! Every news channel puts their own spin on the story and so do the blogs on this topic.So do the news channels but sticking with CNN to sort through it. All the opinions ? Sort through that ! One senator will argue with the next and this is a national security topic. Is there no common ground for peace and unity anywhere in politics on topics that relate to this nation’s security ? We had planes flying into buildings and if you review Bill Clinton on video, he’ll say he tried and failed. Also explains,The CIA and FBI did not support his efforts on this topic ! Why ? Then Pelosi says,Bush is a total failure ? To blame it on someone else isn’t productive or positive leadership ! That phone rings at 3:00 in the morning and Bush was on it last night and will be on it again every night he’s the President of the United States of America ! Wouldn’t call that a total faiure ! All politics and confusion ends when it comes to national security and my vote on who’s answering that phone next ! Stop telling the world where Obama is on the news ! We also have senators over there with him ! Why do we have to know where they are ? That’s something I wish they would make up for safety ! Leaders agree on time horizons ! Iran’s nukes ? They’re talking now and the US is there.

  14. Darell:

    A key point made by Clark is the necessity of having a strategy that could ‘win’. ‘Win’ in this case would be defined as having achieved our goals.

    What are the exact goals? I wouldn’t begin to try and figure that out. That’s the very first part of battle planning. But the one thing I know we don’t want is to invade and TAKE OVER Afghanistan.

    The Soviets tried to TAKE OVER Afghanistan. We will be there at the invitation of a legitimate government that isn’t under attack by an insurgent campaign but rather a 2nd political force, the Taliban. The average citizen is not in revolt over their government.

    That’s a key distinction. We are not there to win a war against Afghanistan. The key element of strategic planning is setting goals. We can hope that being done in a careful, well articulated way.

  15. Darrell Prows says:

    The Taliban outwaits us, we leave, and they come back. Something needs to be done to change THAT dynamic.

  16. We are losing in Afgan and Obama supports more troops.( CNN interview yesterday)