Late Night: Speaking of Netroots Nation

Katharine Q. Seelye of the NY Times is at Netroots Nation and she reports that members of the netroots are swearing off their “use of profanity” in the blogosphere… or at least some say they “have scaled back” on it.

Digby Parton, who writes on, said she initially thought of her blog as an ephemeral form of conversation among friends and used vulgarities freely. But now she is read by a substantially wider circle and has cleaned up her language.

“I don’t use the same amount of profanity,” she said. “We’re taken much more seriously as a political force,” and she has a stronger sense that her words are “out there for posterity.”

Personally after writing online for the Kerry campaign blog in ’04, I’ve always written here with the “posterity” thing in mind. My thoughts have always leaned towards… You never know who’s out there reading your blog…  

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6 Responses to Late Night: Speaking of Netroots Nation

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Good ! The Democratic Daily represents an informative blog on political perspective and then all americans at heart are independent thinkers.Not to mention the rules say no profanity allowed. Slip up every once in a while following politics but it’s respectful dialogue with thought and intelligent political direction running communications. Millions are engaged in this election that aren’t political science majors and reading the Democratic.Daily. A search for truth and facts ! You never know who is reading ?! Uh oh ! Call edit ! The First Amendment still exists !

  2. coldH2Owi says:

    Ah, f**k this, Pamela, posterity is for the Walt Disney’s among us, who actually gives a sh*t, anyway. So, I guess the A-list bloggers got all grown up or something, screw them, I say, screw them. I still belong to the Incivil Blog thing. I like swearing, even if my daughter makes me put a quarter in the Swear Jar, the grandbabies, you know. After all, how can a decent person, a person who gives a sh*t about. oh, I don’t know, dead people floating in New Orleans, say anything good about the f**king ReThugs who have run this country into the ground for the last eight years?

  3. Cold

    LMAO! A “swear jar”? I love it.

  4. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it ! Find intelligent adjectives to decribe ! Or I’ll sick ET on you !

  5. Say Bi Sa ! Keep the faith !

  6. Dead bodies floating ? My friend of thirty years took off there to help and cried for days returning. Felt the pain through her memories. I’m sorry for your pain !