Dem Daily Upgrades

I’ve been messing around today with Plugins and getting ready to upgrade The Dem Daily to the latest version of Word Press. We have a new comment platform and I’ve done away with the comment preview feature. The new comment platform does have spell check.

Just a word of warning… I’m getting ready to start the upgrade process, which is very quick, so if you find The Dem Daily down for maintenance check back after a few minutes.

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One Response to Dem Daily Upgrades


    Not taking code from orginal confirmation sent however you can pull up when you type , Big winds headed our way ? Myrtle Beach, how high are those waves ?”Shagin” the storm away ! Obama coverage in Iraq at 6:30 am on CNN. Hang in there ! Have no idea what the flash was about on CNN that said,”Shut down over national security on presidential campaign trail.”