McCain Fumbles Again and Planned Parenthood Strikes Back

Honestly this needs no comment beyond…gawd, John…get a grip.

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4 Responses to McCain Fumbles Again and Planned Parenthood Strikes Back

  1. Somehow I have a feeling McCain will just continue to fumble and that’s a good thing.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    One can only hope that question continues being asked until he is able to handle it in some manner. Then that’s where the fun starts because nothing McCain believes in will allow him to say anything intelligent.

  3. Sound bites did not show entire response from McCain and thank-you for the video. Certainly an honest response and opportunity for Planned Parent Hood to respond in their position to make a difference that informs better McCain for considerations.

  4. Guess the half way reporting and edit by where the public doesn’t hear and see the entire clip kinda ticks me off. All they showed was McCain scratching his head after the question was asked and view that bias media to some degree. We’ve had enough of that on the Clinton campaign ! Just ask the questions and allow americans to make up their minds. Did someone pulling for Obama edit the tape rolling or what ? Thank-you again for the video !