Our Economic Nightmare

Many Americans have dug a hole so deep thanks to corporate bankers and our government’s propensity to bail them out before helping the little people that are losing their homes, that it could be a long while before we’ve seen the end of our collective economic nightmare. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out that the BushCo regime has made matters worse when it comes to the economy and the next president will have a huge mess to clean up on so many fronts.

The NY Times has two must read pieces on the economic mess and how everyday Americans are getting screwed and losing everything dear to them:

Between the mortage mess and the rising prices on both gas and food, it’s going to be a long slow climb for many Americans to get back on their feet and recover from our economic nightmare that has been percollating for a few years now thanks to BushCo and his Republican cronies in Congress. All I can say is voters need to think long and hard in the next few months and tell their friends who threaten to vote for John McCain — Friends don’t let friends vote Republican.

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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10 Responses to Our Economic Nightmare

  1. Our economic realities felt are a direct result for not reacting fast enough to energy independence and innovations.  Every generation has a responsibility to the next ! Drilling ? We already are and it’ll be years before we see the results ! We want our solar cars and why did production stop on the electric cars ? War for energy independence and oil ? Polar bear sits on a melting slice of ice. The shape of the ice is that of a boat and the sails are a United States flag. The polar bear responds,”have they figured it out yet ?” Five years and counting ! Where are our commericals with polar bears in solar car designs ? Zoom ,Zoom and let’s go ! You don’t see weather changes that are weird in your area ? Anwar ? Thought McCain and Obama reached common ground not to drill there. Just don’t see it the answer and we need to get serious ! “Hair of the dog,” hang over ? Our generation may change that to, “hair of the polar bear.” Can’t believe the beer commericals haven’t taken off on this to support energy independence. “Beer is now cheaper than gas,drink don’t drive.” Try a Natural Lite ! Be responsible ! % of profits for innovation and energy independence ! Thank-you !

  2. We saw the commerical that taps into a theme of politics. Respect the Van ? Respect we are at war and our young people are dying over energy independence and oil. Review solutions of  innovations and energy independence ! Red Alert ! That’s what the polar bear sail boat call letters should be. No matter who wins,the polar bear sails into a blizard again ! Invest in the future of energy independence ! There are a thousand ideas to put into production ! Drill more ? Bubble this 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ?

  3. Step up to bat elephants ! You’re weak on percentages concerning investments for the future ! Swing batter,batter,batter swing ! Don’t drill us out ! Strike one ! How much more on those percentages for energy independence and new innovations ? Secretary of State Conoleezza Rice flying to United Arab Emirates and says,”it’s time for Iranians to give us a serious response !” We need one on energy independence as well ! Britain,China,France,Germany and Russia are there but Iran says we want the plan for the time horizons and troop removeal ? Halt enrichment of uranium which connects atomic weapons !.If not ,further sanctions ! How much will you invest for energy independence ? Poop to methane and coal to liquid fuel ! Co2’s are out of here !”Always aim high,work hard and care deeply about what you believe in. When you stumble keep faith. When you’re knocked down,get right back up.” HRC !  Don’t blame our future on the other Washington ! Where are our solar cars ? See Spot ride in a solar car !” Look Jane ,it’s a solar car.”

  4. As we’ve trusted you to shape our future generation with your decisions, did you think reading back then the head lines would today read on CNN,”terrorist re-goup in Pakistan?” Why ? Please support new innovaton and energy independence and don’t think you have enough or we wouldn’t be where we are now. Cut the blame game and that’s lame ! Increase your support for energy independence ! Don’t want to turn sixty and drive a car smelling like a french fry ! “Look Jane the polar ice caps are melting.” “Pooh,Spot smells like a french fry.”

  5. McCain supports more “nuke” plants for energy independence and national security. I’m not sure we even want to hear the word” nuke.” Is there a better solution ? How about sugar cane ? Suspend enrichment and reprocessing ! We’ve got the PF plus one and here’s the deal,suspend and neg. Good speech but let’s all research the nuke plants for energy McCain wants to increase for national security and our environment. They’ve been running Navy ships with that for years ! “Look Dick, another nuke plant.” With the innovation in this country, is that your final answer for solution ?” Paid paradice,build another nuke plant ?

  6. Darrell Prows says:

    Barney Frank says that the money guys can have the Fannie Freddie bailout, but only in return for an agreement to help strengthen the social safety net. According to him Bernanke and Paulson are on board.I guess we’ll see.

  7. Polar ice caps are melting and we are aware of that ! Five years and counting ! what has global warming done to the temperature of our seas ? The Ikata Nuclear Power plant,a preasurized water reactor that has no cooling tower,but cools by direct exchange with the ocean ? Energy from more atomic nuclei via controlled nuclear reactors.Nuclear fission ?”Look Dick,radioactive decay.”

  8. “Don’t it always seem to go that ya don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” and then we sang for sugar cane. Just not into radioactive decay and hey we’ve got the innovation for better solutions McCain !

  9. Jane said,”run Gore and go fast !” Polar bear said,”poop to methane seems to work,try that.” University students design innovation for the future !Hang in there polar bear !” Polar bear rolls his eyes and says,”we have hope you can.”

  10. Told all my friends to read Pamela and Stuart on the Democratic Daily ! One is a political science major and worked on a few elephant campaigns over the years. Really,he needs to hand over his keys.Can’t wait to see him again and use that ! Thanks ! Gotta go pay the bills ! Hope my bank still has the money ! Are the water melons okay to eat ?