13 Principles of Leadership

These were written by Colin Powell. Before you go off the deep end, remember he got royally hosed by Bush, too. He stuck it out because, according to Bob Woodward’s book, he was afraid of what actions might be taken if he wasn’t at Bush’s side with his foot on the brake.

He’s well thought of in all quarters and has advised our nominee, Barack Obama. If you truly watch this video it has real substance for personal as well as political lives.

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9 Responses to 13 Principles of Leadership

  1. “It can be done.” New innovations for national security and energy independence.” That video great !

  2. Told ya it could be done and Lou dobbs has T. Boone Pickins on ! Hooray for that oil man T.Boone Pickins ! Where is the stock to invest on his plan? Way to go Mr. Dobbs ! Hang in there polar bear !

  3. CNN is talking to T. Boone Pickins on Lou Dobbs ! New innovations with a plan ! Call McCain and have him listen to these ideas ! Re-wind it for Obama and I’m sure Gore already knows. Have the congress and all senators watch this T. Boone Pickins and he’s got some great ideas. Batter up !

  4. Energy Independence ? Lou Dobbs is a leader in the media and has T. Boone Pickins on !

  5. General motors has our energy independent cars in EUROPE ! Afganistan needs more troops ! Terriorist re-group in Pakistan ! Hooray for energy independence and  and our troops ! McCain says more nuclear plants and drilling ?  How many nuclear power plants cool in direct relation and exchange to the ocean ? Do you think the ocean may be getting warmer ? Daaaa ? Polar ice is melting and we are at war ! All hero’s stand in sunsets lost and may God bless their families and loved ones.

  6. Obama statement=Iraqis want an inspirational time line. Iraqis seek long term partnership. So,will they now sign to suspend enrichment and reprocessing ? Good job to the senator from Chicago ! “Woosh !” “Bet you can’t do that again ! ” CNN finding fault concerning Obama’s statement ? Why ? The american people want to know and Obama told us what he heard.

  7. So will Iran sign up to suspend enrichment and reprocessing ?


  9. Just like Hillary told us ! When those lights go down and that telephone rings at 3;oo in the morning ….. President Bush has got it ! That’s where the terrorist are gathering and we need some help. Also heard that from a commander on CNN last night.