Despite Claims to the Contrary Clinton Donors Gave Obama $1.8 Million in June

Despite claims to the contrary, Clinton donors gave Barack Obama $1.8 million in June:

Sen. Barack Obama has posted his first campaign report since the end of the contentious Democratic primary battle, and political reporters and bloggers are already trying to ferret out whether donors to Sen. Hillary Clinton have been helping her formal rival, now the party’s presumptive nominee.

The Post has now conducted its own analysis of how Clinton supporters directed their money in June. More than 2,200 Clinton donors became first-time Obama donors, giving him $1.8 million of the $52 million he raised last month. Of those, 355 contributed at least $2,000, for a total of $1 million.

This number paints a somewhat different picture than the one presented in a Huffington Post report this afternoon, which reviewed the giving by 311 “HillRaisers” who had bundled more than $100,000 in contributions for Clinton. The Huffington Post found only eight HillRaisers on Obama’s June finance report. “Not all of those donors maxed out, either, making for a relatively paltry figure of $19,250 in direct, hard-money contributions from HillRaisers for the month,” the Huffington Post reported.

Too bad the HuffPo appears to bent on stirring up the notion that Clinton supporters aren’t stepping up and supporting Obama.

It’s not enough that the PUMA’s are self-aggrandizing their role in helping Clinton to retire her debt, is it? No… We need to add this to the mix to help divide the Dems more at this critical time when we should all be coming together.

I have to say I’m in agreement with this: JUST SAY NO DEAL TO PUMA, HERE’S WHY! and this: Why I’m No ‘PUMA’.  The only people waiting for the Unity Pony in my opinion, are the ones who simply don’t want to pony up for their own motives that have nothing to do with Hillary. Time is a wasting people, we can’t afford to not put Barack Obama in the White House.

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26 Responses to Despite Claims to the Contrary Clinton Donors Gave Obama $1.8 Million in June

  1. Personally supported the debt of Hillary Clinton as many others did as well.Kinda think the figures for Obama will increase. We had an estimated 20 million dollar debt to pay off.If she’s not in for vice president ,think he’ll see a reduction among Clinton supportors?

  2. Don’t have a polar bear in that fuss ! Worried about national security and energy independence. Afgan is urgent and so is Iran’s decision.Where is the coverage on Rice over there ? What does our current commander and cheif say about Afganistan ? We recieved Obama’s message via CNN.

  3. How did millions get into all this engaged ? Because Hillary Clinton inspired us to do so.How tight was the race ? Very and it could have gone either way.Are we at the convention yet ? Those big cats are still loose and they need to chill. Where is my winning T-shirt for $50.00 ? Are we out of debt ?

  4. After you see the sun come up for months,ya kinda know some of those Puma cats.Maybe it took some time to get over it and some still aren’t and won’t be for Obama. That’s why they call it the United States Of America ! Fine,,go vote for McCain and build more nuclear plants for energy independence.Go drill more but I’m not supporting that !Jane said,”look Dick,it’s radioactive decay.” Get o’l T. Boone Pickins over there and give them a reason to fuss.$300 billion in savings for the US and we’re in europe with our energy independent cars and not to mention at war for oil .Obama made it and is safe in Jordon.Innovation for the nation and change you can believe in ! “Woosh !” From the outside twice !

  5. Don’t eat the Jalapeno’s ! Tomatoes are clear for go per the FDA. Are we checking the water melon ? People are dying and sick in the hospital. That’s scary and we didn’t grow up having to worry about that to the degree we are now. Not cool !CNN reports they never found a tomato infected.

  6. kcowley says:

    1.8 million isn’t much from 18 million voters.  I would digest that info and recognize how many disenfranchised Democrats really exist. 

  7. Christina says:

    Hi Pamela, Thank you  for mentioning Yes to Democracy in your blog post.I hope you continue to visit , comment, and out PUMA. I just want to say, because many times people say “It’s America. They can voter for whoever they want to.” And in saying so they are right- what they shouldn’t be allowed to do is go on television and promote themselves as Democrats, because it’s branding the party “divided.” when frankly, Obama is polling better with women than Kerry did in ’04.

  8. kcowley

    Both the WaPo and HuffPo articles cite the fact that they are going on lists of known top Clinton donors and bundlers who’s names and addresses match up with FEC records as donating to Obama.

    There are not talking about random small donations and it is almost impossible to match up who donated small amounts to both candidates.

    As for “disenfranchised” — for the first time in many presidential primary seasons every state voted and their votes counted. Short of the mess created over FL & MI, no one was disenfranchised and I believe Hillary Clinton would agree with that.

    What we have in fact, rather than “disenfranchised” Democrats is people with bad feelings about who the nominee is, because it’s not the candidate of their choice. I’m sorry to be so harsh, because I consider you a friend, but politics is what it is and we don’t always get to see the person we support get into office. It hurts like hell when that happens – I know only too well because of my Kerry ’04 involvement.

    I also know full well how campaigns work and that in the heat of a primary run off, candidates say things about each other and then when the decision is made as to who is the nominee, the ones who didn’t make the cut step up to the plate, as Hillary did, to work their tails off for the nominee.

    I’ll say again what I have said here many times — PUMA’s do Hillary Clinton no favors. In fact they hurt her and the hard work she has done for the party and Americans.

    Look, I have made it well known around here that I wanted Kerry to run again. I was heartbroken when he decided not to. I, in part blamed HRC for that decision. But the fact is, I picked myself off, got over my hard feelings towards her for dissing JK after the “botched joke” and ended up supporting her instead of Obama, who Kerry backed.

    So now, HRC is not the nominee and I’ve suffered 2 losses in this presidential run off — but I am here following HRC’s lead and Kerry’s before her and I am supporting the nominee — Barack Obama, because I can’t fathom 4 – 8 years of John McCain and will not let my bruised feelings or ego get in the way of putting a Democrat in the White House.

  9. Christina

    My pleasure and welcome to the Dem Daily. We can’t afford 4 – 8 years of McCain and the bottom line in my opinion is the PUMA movement is hurting HRC and people can’t get past their blind feelings to see it.

    If you are interested, you can sign up here and cross post.

  10. kcowley says:

    Pamela, this isn’t a bruised ego situation, I’m about your age and have also experienced disappointment over the loss of my candidate of choice.  It’s different this time for many people as I believe  funds raised and polls indicate.  It looks to me like the Party is divided and denying it isn’t constructive. As for Obama he wasn’t as qualified as the other candidates so he wasn’t my choice.  Then along came the media’s foul coverage,  the actions of the R & B  Committee and their lack of democratic values, combined with Obama’s comments and silences, all of which have played a role in how I will vote in Nov.  Having been  called a racist more times than I can count, lonely old cat ladyor  being told to “go kill myself” has not helped  instill feelings of  unity.  In fact, I am truly dismayed  at the  comments ranging from mean to vile flying back and forth between Democrats.  I don’t see this as anything relating to  unity or hope and don’t consider it to be in the same category as any other primary.  So, I was surprised to see the post to yestodemocracy, as she has reduced all this to “closeted Republicans and a flock of angry women”.  Another example of Democrats belittling Democrats, and as I have said before I consider you and the discourse you maintain here above that.  Thank you and I too consider you a friend, I had just walked in from my appt. with the graphic designer and 18year old daughter (such fun) was just about to email you the almost final (missing the schooner) label when I saw the posts. 
    This website was created in an effort to STOP PUMA, before they get any bigger. The anti-Democratic rogue coalition of closeted Republicans posing as Democrats, leading a flock of angry women supporters under their wing must NOT continue to brand our party as “divided” or “damaged”.

  11. kcowley

    I think that PUMA is hurting HRC. That’s the bottom line for me. HRC is putting her country first, because she recognizes how important it is to get Obama elected. He’s no less experienced or quailifed than other candidates in the past and he has some of the top political advisors of our times, including many from the Clinton camp, working for him at this point.

    The polls show Obama is doing just fine and so do his fundraising numbers. That Hillary had to just loan her campaign more money to pay off her debt also speaks loudly on the claims from the PUMA’s that have have raised $$$ to help her. Apparently that was only a claim.

    I know full well the damage that some well meaning Dems who supported candidates other than Kerry in the primaries in ’04, did because their candidate of choice didn’t win the nomination. Seeing this happen again is very sad in my opinion. It would be one thing if Hillary were fighting Obama for the nomination – but she IS NOT. So all this posturing by PUMA’s and their claims are rather empty and not helpful. I’m sorry that my take after over 5 years of political blogging.

  12. kcowley

    PS – I hope will still email the logo I’d love to see it.

  13. kcowley says:

    She didn’t concede either.

  14. kcowley

    Interesting… I wonder if she knows that. Because for all intents and purposed she sure has made it clear that she is out of the race and supporting Obama — remember that speech she gave endorsing Obama. She endorsed him.

    She’s raising money for him, doing events with him. Urging her supporters to support Obama. If that’s not a concession, I don’t know what is.

    FYI, just because she hasn’t officially released her delegates, does not mean she will not. Many candidates hold on to their delegates until the convention. Bradley held his delegates in ’00 and Dean & Kucinich did in ’04, releasing them at the convention.

  15. Theresa says:

    If you haven’t already done so, I hope you will set Huffington Post straight on HRC supporters’ donations to Obama.  Many of us do not have much money and continued to contribute to pay down her debt as well.  They should not have expected much from us the first month.  The article in Huffington Post was ungracious and unfair.  Since someone from HP gets on tv frequently, places like CNN, I think it is especially important to set them straight.It’s a shame that so many things have been lumped together in PUMA.  There are important changes that need to be made because problems came into focus during Hillary’s campaign.  Leaders in the Democratic Party need to let it be known that the rules and caucus system will be revisited to make the Democratic Party as democratic as possible.  No Democratic Party leader or state legislature should be allowed to keep any voter’s vote from counting.  Recognizing the need to improve will not undermine but strengthen the Party.  We need to recognize and do what we can to solve the problem of bias against women in positions of top authority, including the strong bias against Hillary in the news media.  There has also been a great deal of unjustified hatred and desire to think ill of Hillary and her supporters by many Obama supporters.  So many comments I have seen in a variety of sources show what seems like an obsession with expressing as much contempt for her and for us as possible. There has also been a problem of contempt and unfairness toward Bill Clinton.Addressing the real problems will be the best way to stop PUMA and increase support for Obama. When Hillary and Obama appeared together expressing appreciation for each other, it was a big step in the right direction.  But it was only one step and much more needs to be done.

  16. kcowley

    Just reading back over your responses and I am curious about this in regards to my link to “yestodemocracy”:

    Another example of Democrats belittling Democrats, and as I have said before I consider you and the discourse you maintain here above that.” 

    What exactly to you think of all the lies and exagerrations that PUMA’s are saying about Obama? Is that not just another example of Democrats belittling Democrats? It sure as hell is in my book. The rpimaries are over — so over — well over a month now. We have our nominee, like it or not and that nominee is Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has stood up repeatedly said she supports him. Yet PUMA’s continue to put him down and spread the same crap that Republicans are spreading about him. 

    So maybe Christina has a point. Maybe the PUMA’s aren’t all Democrats. Maybe they care if we Democrats don’t get a Democrat in the White HOuse again this year. 

    I care if we. Hillary Clinton cares if we do. And I think it is a sad sorry shame that PUMA’s are doing what they are doing under the guise of being Clinton supporters. I think it sucks big time and it pisses me off because we, women like you and me, have suffered enough under Republicans in control of country. I want my f’in country back – damn it. And so does Hillary Clinton. Think about that and tell your PUMA friends, they should too. 

    John McCain will milk the fact that PUMA’s want to make a mess of this election for everything he can and then if — IF — he is elected he will screw every woman who claimed to be a Clinton supporter and was pissed off that she didn’t get the nomination, and he will walk away laughing, calling everyone of them the “C” word, just like he called his wife.

  17. Theresa

    I think the WaPo, who I linked to here in the post does a good job at starting to set the HuffPo straight on this. There are problems that definitely need to be addressed and I think HRC will see that they are straightened out. Primaries are ugly, people say things in the heat of the moment and then hopefully they look back and see how important it is to support our nominee. Unfortunately some very ugly things have been said about Obama by Clinton supporters in the heat of the primaries, and since under the guise of PUMAPac. It’s a damn shame for the rest of us who want as HRC does, to see a Dem elected to the White House this year. All i all I found found Obama supporters in the blogosphere to be mellowing out quite a bit, while PUMA keeps on pouncing. It makes me sad and a little angry and that is why I posted the link to Christina’s blog. We need unity not division. HRC knows that and has stressed it over and over again.  

  18. kcowley says:

    I’m not going to speak for all PUMA democrats as it is a diverse group and don’t know what lies about Obama you are referring to.  I do support the efforts of Heidi Li Feldman and The Denver Group
    Heidi is neither a Republican nor a liar. 

    Christina, on the other hand does appear to be either uninformed or purposely omitting facts. Christina’s descriptions of PUMA are false– PUMA is an organization that has formulated a plan to vote for John McCain if Senator Barack Obama is “selected” as the Democratic nominee at the Denver 2008 convention.

    The only thing PUMA’s agree upon is that they will not vote for Obama. Her “shouldn’t be allowed on television” post is scary.  Has she forgotten citizens constitutional rights and freedom of speech? I personally would like to see Sen. Clinton ‘s name placed into nomination, provided the same opportunity at the Convention as Sen. Kennedy and Roosevelt received.  Something along the lines of a Democratic Convention, verses a coronation seems appropriate.Regardless, until this post, I don’t  believe  I’ve made any personal comments or references such as liar, blind feelings or ego – don’t think they contribute to unity.  Nor does instructing  me to “tell my Puma friends”.  As I said I’m truly dismayed at the comments flying back and forth between Democrats.

  19. kcowley

    Obama is nominee and was”selected” the nominee through a process of voters going to the polls in 50 states and choosing delegates. The votes were close the delegates were close – but the fact remains he had the edge and Hillary Clinton recognized that and respected that. She stepped aside. She supports Obama. She’s said it time to move forward for the good of our country. That PUMA’s don’t respect that is sad.

    Yes our country has freedom of speech and Christina has the right to disagree with PUMA and say she thinks they should be stopped.

    I read the PUMA sites. I read NoQuarter and I find most of what I read on those sites to be filled with right wing talking points. I’ve been an active member of the liberal/progressive blogosphere for a long time now and I know first hand of the good it can do and the bad. I don’t agree with the PUMA movement, I think the name alone stands for a petulent group of people who are unwilling to let progress make it’s way at a time when this country desperately needs change.

    If Clinton had not stepped aside there would be merit — but she has and is working to get Obama elected. For PUMA to work against that goal goes against everything Hillary Clinton stands for, in my opinion. And it’s sad, I say again that PUMA members do not see that.

  20. kcowley

    I will add, that I am also extremely disgusted by the movement among PUMA’s to attempt to defeat Kerry in his upcoming re-election campaign. That movement speaks loud and clear of nothing but vengence because Kerry backed Obama. He’s one of the finest liberal/progressive Senators we have and being a lifelong resident of MA, you should be aware of that. PUMA will never gain my approval or respect, and I believe wholeheartedly they should be exposed for what they are – a group of people on a mission to destroy our chances to regain the White House  – a group pf people willing to attempt to take down fine hard working politicians who supported a Barack Obama. That goal is petty and small and disgusting.

  21. kcowley says:

    Sen. Kerry is an elected official and should have perhaps considered his constituents overwhelming support for Clinton.  There seemed to be a disconnect as he was campaigning for Obama nationally at nearly every crucial point during the primary.  Now O’Reilly is looking like a good option to many voters.  That’s just politics.

  22. kcowley

    I doubt anyone ever asked O’Reilly, but common sense tells me he probably didn’t support Clinton in the primaires. And common sense tells me also that O’Reilly who is a panderer is probably lapping up the new found support from disgruntled Clinton supporters.
    And of course, it’s just politics and Kerry has the right in participating in just politics to support who ever he pleases in the primaries.

    At every crucial point over the years that MA has needed something from Kerry, he’s been there. And as you know, I know Kerry’s record in the Senate and in MA, far better than the PUMA’s do.

  23. kcowley says:

    Of course Kerry has the right to support whomever he likes, as the voters have a right to reject him for that.  Certainly no one bothered to look into O’Reillys’ background and stands, it’s the new trend with Dems.  He is a Democrat  and that’s all that matters to real Democrats. We mustn’t forget Party unity!

  24. kcowley

    PUMA’s revenge tactics against Obama, Kerry and other politicians who have supported Obama are extremely transparent and show the ugliest side of politics. They have made it quite clear and public that they are doing this because Kerry supported Obama over Clinton.

    That is among the many reasons why I am unimpressed by PUMA’s tactics. If you want to be party to that – that’s your business. But don’t expect me to not speak my mind and call it what is with PUMA’s. At this point, PUMA’s hurt HRC and only perpetuate the other progressive bloggers speaking out against them.

  25. kcowley says:

    Geez, I was under the impression that voting for or against someone was part of the whole democratic process, and that those running for office understood that voters will be judging them on their performance.  I didn’t know that campaigning and voting against someone is an act of vengence.  Isn’t that going a bit overboard? When and if Kerry loses, will you consider him responsible for losing touch with his base?  Will you consider the voting population of MA to be vengeful or just the PUMAs, ? 

  26. kcowley

    I’m not blind. I read the PUMA blogs. They have made it clear they are against Kerry because he supported Obama (I won’t go to the trouble of linking to some of the more blatant posts because I know you read the PUMA blogs amd have left a link to this thread and our discussion on at least one). That’s called vengence where I come from and I think you know full well it is too. So let’s drop the conversation now.

    As I said when this conversation first started because you were offended that I linked to the anti-PUMA site, I consider you to be friend. I have no problem sepating political views and friendship. I also after 5 long years in the blogosphere and working on Kerry’s presidential campaign and blogging as a supporter of HRC, have a deep understanding of the inner workings of politics and campaigns that goes beyond being a supporter of a candidate or a voter.