Ten Post Round-Up: July 22, 2008

This round-up includes spam, porn, and money talk. Oh, you know you wanna read it…

1. The quote that wouldn’t die…

Talking Points Memo: White House Still Trying to Explain Away Maliki
When a guy you more or less install in power and keep there on a very short leash starts going off the reservation, you first claim there was some sort of translation error. Then you claim that what he says is not what he means. When he continues to reiterate the point, you assert that he knows not of what he speaks.

Colorado offers the DNC a gas tax holiday for the convention…

LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF COLORADO BLOG: Planning a private party?…
In Colorado, consumers pay 40.4 cents in taxes on every gallon of gasoline. That includes the federal gasoline tax of 18.4 cents per gallon and the Colorado gasoline tax of 22 cents per gallon.

3. A win for adult-websites

Wired.com: Net Censorship Law Struck Down Again
The 3rd U.S. Circurt Court of Appeals upheld on Tuesday a 2007 lower-court decision that the Child Online Protection Act violated the First Amendment since it was not the most effective way to keep children from visiting adult websites.

4. If it’s not the taxes, it’s the pump itself, I guess.

KOAA.com: Nearly 1,000 Sunmart gas pumps cheated customers
Authorities say a weekend investigation found 990 pumps were rigged to favor Petroleum Wholesale by as much as one-tenth of a gallon for every five gallons sold. Pumps in violation were immediately shut down by Texas inspectors.

5. “Spam” man on the run!

The Rocky Mountain News: ‘Spam King’ walks away from Florence prison
The man known as “The Spam King” walked away from a minimum-security federal prison in Florence on Sunday and was last seen in Lakewood.

6. “Diets don’t work…”

Signs of the Times: Mother wins £800,000 payout after ‘four pints of water a day’ detox diet

Mother-of-two Dawn Page has won more than £800,000 in damages at the High Court after a radical new detox diet left her brain damaged and epileptic.

The 52-year-old was told to drink an extra four pints of water per day and reduce her salt intake in a bid to prevent fluid retention and lose weight.

7. The attack of the killer tomatoes has been canceled due to killer jalepeno invasion.

Just a Girl in short shorts talking about whatever: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
After putting thousands of people out of work, and costing farmers and distributors hundreds of millions of dollars, the Big Tomato Scare of 2008 is over.

8. Give a dollar, get $1000? McCain goes for broke in hopes of getting campaign riches.

The J-Walk Blog: McCain Tries Bribery
McCain must be having trouble raising funds because the first sentence of his solicitation letter states: “I want you to know that I don’t take sending you this $1 bill lightly.”

9. “W” stands for Women? Don’t make me laugh!

ABC News: Dems Urge Bush to Halt Abortion Proposal
Current federal law prohibits health care providers and organizations from discriminating against people who won’t provide abortions or birth control. The Bush administration’s new draft proposal would require these agencies to certify in writing their compliance with the law before getting funding from HHS. The department issued a statement last week saying the draft proposal was simply an attempt to enforce anti-discrimination laws.

10. Interesting to note: Women are hurting just as much as men on the job front…

NYTimes.com: Poor Economy Slams Brakes on Women’s Workplace Progress

After moving into virtually every occupation, women are being afflicted on a large scale by the same troubles as men: downturns, layoffs, outsourcing, stagnant wages or the discouraging prospect of an outright pay cut. And they are responding as men have, by dropping out or disappearing for a while.

“When we saw women starting to drop out in the early part of this decade, we thought it was the motherhood movement, women staying home to raise their kids,” Heather Boushey, a senior economist at the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, which did the Congressional study, said in an interview. “We did not think it was the economy, but when we looked into it, we realized that it was.”

“Karma usually has a wing man.”

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