The Marvels of Technology and Energy

Business Week has an interesting short piece on the marvels and technology and new ways to be energy efficient while helping the poor who live without electricity: A Solar-Powered Night-Light for the Poor.

Imagine what creating solar powered lights in the U.S. would do for saving energy here.

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3 Responses to The Marvels of Technology and Energy

  1. We need more community “reach out ” on go teams for National Security and Energy Independence ! Polar Bear Roar ! That picture shown is a real reality in my state,how about your state ? Polar Bears Roar reaching out paws to connect in communities and our schools. T. Boone Pickins wants to drill in Anwar Alaska ? Easy T. Boone Pickin’s and Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to like that !No fuss and we have five years and our polar ice caps are gone ! Not real crazy about drilling there either !He says in five to ten years we have natural gas,wind and solar ! You can’t keep drilling but he says in the emergency we’re in now, go get that oil where you can. That’s short term and he also says more nuclear plants. Work it ,work it ! We’ll skip the drill in Anwar and more nuclear plants part Mr. Pickins !. In exchange as Americans, we’ll raise money to get it rolling and be creative !Look how much we raised for this presidential race and think about that ! Boone’s is $500 billion on projection but it saves $300 billion up and running. Open up our US wind corridor’s.Open Lanes for US wind corridor’s and what’s taken so long ? Mr. Pickin’s says oil free by 2050 and his company is BP Capital Management. Office just opened up in my city and Howard Dean will be in on Friday ? No,I’m not ready as a Clinton supportor to yell hooray over the DNC yet and didn’t apperciate the way it was handled ! Do you still want me to help ? She said yes and that’s fair ! Let’s go meet the Obama team and go in using our manners ,not kicking. Knock on doors to register folks ? Stop the streets downtown  and let’s get a band and a booth. Register to vote Obama ! It’s a democratic test ! Are you really over Clinton not in this for president ? Work it ,work it ! T Boone Pickin’s is in Washington meeting with congress members and senators on a path to national security and energy independence. Why drill more ? Can we bail out of that and still be on go ? More Nuclear Plants ? What does Gore say ? T. Boone Pickin’s puts his money where his mouth is and his projections over the years have been correct.Ten years ago he said we’d be at 60% and they called him crazy ! We are now at 80% ? He’s paying for Texas and putting in 10 billion of his own money? Say watt ? Polar bear waves a US flag and says ,”okay T. Boone Pickins but look out with that drilling here !” Polar bears roar but not sinking on their melting slice of ice ! Call Gore ! Can we avoid that drilling more ? Short term vs long term projections ? We need 500 billion dollars to get this done ? We need to get on this like our pants are on fire ! Every generation has a responsibility to the next ! Solar more ! Polar ice caps melting in five years ! What would Ethal and Lucy do ? Remember Ethal  on the, I Love Lucy show? “Lucy this is a fine mess you’ve got us into !” Call Trump in New York ! We need to raise $500 billion dollars for our next generations and energy independence ! For our national security ! Will you loan us a boat ? “Lucy,you don’t know how to drive a boat.” “Oh come on Ethal,we’ll think of something.” We grew up when the song,”Taking Care of Business”, first came out ! Now they listen to ,”Say What You Need To Say.” Fund Raiser on Donald Trump’s boat for National Security and Energy Independence ? It’s a tax deduction charity event ? Where can donations go for solutions to this crisis we’re in ? This is America and yes we can ! Change to believe in ! Hey,they have a boat made out of cans floating ! Go ask them to sail for Energy Independence ! Call your favorite band and ask if they’ll help ! Go for Sting ! “Put a little love in your heart !” You just wait and see ! (Polar bears all singing and dancing !) $500 billion and we don’t depend on foreign countries for oil anymore ! Not to mention we aren’t at war ! Go for #5 CNN !  Five more years and kiss the polar ice caps good-bye? Not ! Make a new plan Uncle Sam ! We need our lanes open ! Lightening strikes ! No doubt ! Global Warming ! We don’t react fast to this and you can forget education and health care ? That’s what Mr. Boone said and guess what ? Don’t think he’s crazy !

  2. The natural gas commericals are saying by 2030 ? Bubble that 0000000000000000000000000 ? Get more serious ! Five more years and the polar ice caps melt ! Not that we don’t appreciate your direction on energy but pants on fire ! See you on the floating can of boats ! What treasures do you seek at sea ? More solar ya see !

  3. Strike that 2050 on T. Boone Pickin’s ! He said five to ten years ! 2013 but count one year for Washington to evaluate the best plan.