Vanity Fair Magazine ‘Covers’ The New Yorker Cover

As we all know The New Yorker Magazine posted the most obnoxious cover in recent memory with it’s ‘satire’ of Barack and Michelle Obama. It was so obnoxious that I won’t post the graphic or even link to the magazine. They don’t deserve the traffic.

Vanity Fair has taken on the topic and has written a fine article about the screw-up at The New Yorker. It is the ultimate in unusual coverage because the two publications share the same building. To say the least The New Yorker doesn’t look good in this article or the cover.

This is appropriate pay back between magazines when one has crossed the line of civility.

Do I honest think that John McCain needs a walker or that Cindy McCain is a drug user? Of course not.

Yet this is the same treatment that Michelle and Barack Obama got from The New Yorker. Perhaps turnabout is fair play.

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5 Responses to Vanity Fair Magazine ‘Covers’ The New Yorker Cover

  1. fletch says:

    I keep wondering why I should be (“shocked”, “dismayed”, and/or “enraged”) that 12% of the electorate still thinks BHO is a “muslim”- when 42% of “Democrats” still think GWB is somehow “responsible for 9/11…

  2. fletch says:

    I hate when I “blow” a “link”

  3. Age is a number and not a definition !  Political cartoons are great !

  4. Is that president Bush in the picture ? The entire ordeal of both cartoons is making me laugh !

  5. In conclusion, an attack through irony and derision with witt ! Not to mention artistic talent and creativity ! What a come back ! Cheers for the First Amendment and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists ! Where is the polar bear sitting on a slice of melting ice ? The present disunited state of expiration ! Have they figured it out yet ?