Arnold Plans to Balance the Budget at the Expense of Low Wage State Workers

Pardon the pun here please, but this is rich: “Arnold Slashing Pay for 200k State Workers to Federal Minimum Wage.” Yes, it’s true. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who can’t seem to balance the California budget has cooked up a new scheme to balance the budget at the expense of low wage state workers:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to sign an executive order next week that will reduce pay for more than 200,000 state workers to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 per hour to preserve cash in the midst of a month-long budget standoff, according to a draft copy of the order obtained by The Bee.Administration officials said the governor expects to take the action Monday.

The headline is from Julia Rosen at Calitics who notes:

Here is the law that Arnold is using to justify this move.


He says that his action complies with a 2003 ruling by the California Supreme Court that made clear that without a state budget in place, federal labor laws require the state to pay most workers “either federal minimum wage or, for those employees that work overtime, their full salaries.”

The SacBee and the L.A. Times also are reporting on it. It’s rather ironic that some people view Arnold as some sort of progressive or moderate Republican and then he goes and attempts to pull a totally shameful, conservative Republican type move like this. I objected recently to the notion that Obama would consider Arnold for his cabinet, after Arnold suggested that he’s like to be “energy czar” for Obama — “Dream On Mr Governator.”  He’s not fit to be Governor of California and he sure as hell isn’t fit to be on any president’s cabinet.

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One Response to Arnold Plans to Balance the Budget at the Expense of Low Wage State Workers

  1. coldH2Owi says:

    ReThugs at their best.  I hope CA is happy with Arnold.  This is what is so depressing about this country.  & I’ll bet the increase in the price of gas has already made the minimum wage increase moot.