At The Daou Report Chris Bowers Makes a Startling Proposal

Chris Bowers

Chris Bowers makes a startling proposal about offshore oil drilling and the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, as part of a longer article published at Open Left and The Daou Report:

Let’s face it: the best political strategy Democrats have had over the past eight years is to make sure that there were always enough Democrats to capitulate with the governing conservative and (typically) Republican coalition, but not enough to make it a majority of the Democratic Party. This way, heinous Republican policies that benefit large corporations and cronies, but hurt most people, are passed into law, while most of the Democratic Party can claim they opposed such policies.

Chris continues in his opening lead:

Maybe I am just too tired right now, but I am suddenly of the opinion that Democrats should just completely capitulate on the offshore oil drilling question. In fact, they should also capitulate on the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. While we are at it, let’s institute a gas tax holiday, and release the strategic petroleum reserve.

While I’m not sure we are smart enough, tough enough and/cynical enough for such a long term strategy, I believe that analysis, whether brought about by intellectual analysis or sleep deprivation from Nets Nation is actually the reality of the last 7.5 years. That reality has brought us to the point that we are on the verge of a Democratic wave that hasn’t been seen perhaps in a lifetime. It deserves thought.

The other side of the view is an accounting of the long term damage on the Republic, The Congress and the Consitution mucn less the average life of much of the American Public. Given, however, that we had no way of blocking the worse of the mess perhaps Chris was correct and that unintentional path was our best option. It is a facinating view.

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3 Responses to At The Daou Report Chris Bowers Makes a Startling Proposal

  1. “A powerful idea is spreading through America. It is a call to this generation to take action and decide the course of history by declaring and fighting for American Energy Independence.” What treasures do yee seek at sea if not it be more solar ya see.We can reduce imports by 300 billion in savings. We need to create a positive political force to support national security and energy independence. We need $500 billion to sail on natural gas,wind and solar! The innovations of Americans are on go ! Congress open our wind corridors ! Polar Bears Roar and you can’t drill you’re way out of this ! More nuclear plants ? How many nuclear power plants cool by direct exchange with the ocean? Temperature changes and global warming ! We have five years to react and have been seriously warned our polar ice caps will melt. General motors has our energy independent cars in “Europe”?? Why ?Spending money on more drilling and it’ll take years before we even see the benefit if they find it to begin with. Go into our protected areas in Alaska and drill ? In this emergency crisis do we have a choice ? In five to ten years we can be oil free and energy independent ! Go for it ! Polar Bears Roar wants a fund raiser to increase awareness on national security and energy independence. A polar bear sits on a melting slice of ice holding a sign that says,SOS ! Sail in for energy independence and national security setting your navigational course on solutions ! Let’s make an effort to raise money to support this crisis ! We can figure out this $500 billion to be free from oil and no longer depend on imports ! An invitation to support solutions with a goal to meet of $500 billion ! We have creative innovation in this country to make it happen ! Do the Polar Bear Roar and end this war ! Go find Gore !

  2. “Wall Street Got Drunk?” They may need a, ” hair of the polar bear “! Drill more ? Nuclear ? Camera’s were rolling and they caught President Bush cracking a joke ! He said turn the camera’s off ! Gore laughs and says this energy independence is like a hang over.Gore refers to ,”hair of the dog.” As serious as it all is, I’m glad to see they keep their sense of humor ! Obama isn’t going for more nuclear but McCain is. Go get our energy independent cars out Europe, General Motors ! Sail into solutions and cheers !

  3. President Bush probably hasn’t slept in days worried about Afganistan and Iran. Have they signed up to suspend enrichment and reprocessing ? No body better be drunk ! President bush said ,Wall Street needs to sober up ! Laugh ! We’ll be okay !